Samsung Q1/Q30 Devices Use Solid State Flash Memory

Instead of burdening their ultra-portable devices with hard disks that use more power, generate more heat, and tend to break when moved about too much, Samsung’s placing a Solid State Disk (SSD) into their Q1 and Q30 mobile devices.

The Q30 is a 12.1-inch laptop, and the Q1 is an UMPC with a 32GB SSD. The new Q1, compared to the old Hard Drive Q1, can boot up 25% to 50% faster, and has a 53MB/s read and 28MB/s write speed. This new drive doesn’t come cheap, as it bumped the price of the device up to £1,399, or $2,644. Would anyone really shell out almost three thousand dollars for one of these things? We don’t think so.

Samsung launches disk-free Q1/Q30 portables [CNET UK]