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Storytelling for B2B startups: Avoiding ‘buzzword bingo’ to make your wonky enterprise company worth talking about

If there's one thing I learned from my time as both a journalist at The Wall Street Journal and Forbes and, now, advising a global venture capital firm on communications, it's that storytelling ca

How startups can avoid Bodega’s PR disaster

Oh, Bodega. The newly launched startup’s insensitivity hit some pretty tender nerves during a time when cultural and societal tensions are high. The first article published about Bodega read almost

Upbeat gets $1.5M to create a data science-driven alternative to PR agencies

Out of all the how-to guides ever written about pitching journalists, I’ve never seen one address the truth—that most are simply too busy trying not to get murdered by their inboxes to even open e

Agency Geek launches with a new way to find branding, marketing and PR help

Agency Geek has launched a new online service that purports to algorithmically match service agencies with prospective clients (basically they have a search tool for small businesses to find the prope

#MisguidedPR: The Industry’s Internal Crisis

A U.S. Department of Labor report last year stated there were approximately 57,000 PR managers and 208,000 PR specialists in America; conversely, there were only 46,500 journalists. Do the math.That m

The Omniture Of PR? AirPR’s New Analytics Platform Aims To Show CMOs How To Invest In PR

Startups and PR firms have long had a halting, if not embattled relationship. Spend time talking to entrepreneurs and those working at startups, and it won’t be long before you encounter the nag

Startup-PR Matchmaker AirPR Opens To The Public, As Data Begins To Reveal How To Fix A Broken Model

For pretty much as long as anyone can remember, a relationship triangle, or a "love triangle" if you will, has taken shape between companies and the PR firms that represent them and the press that cov

AirPR Launches A Marketplace To Match Startups With Top PR Talent

Today, AirPR is officially launching its for startups and PR, peeling back the curtain on its PR marketplace for the first time. Essentially, AirPR has created a tech platform that aims to i

AirPR Nabs $1M From 500 Startups, Matt Mullenweg To Help Startups Find Better PR

We in the media have a love-hate relationship with public relations firms and their professionals, with that relationship tending to skew heavily to the latter. Companies pour countless hours of blood

Survey Says: PR People Love Our No-Embargo Policy

<img src="" width="215" height="128" /> The PR industry never ceases to amaze me. Despite the fact that we stopped honoring m

Corporate Tweets and the SEC: Sometimes It's Better To Keep Your Mouth Shut

<img src="" width="215" height="140" /> Last year, I covered the landmark <a href="

Ways PR Agents Piss Off Journalists, and a Few Companies That Do It Right

In a perfect world, the best products would get lots of press coverage, and the crappy ones would be lucky to find a spot in Sky Mall. Unfortunately, the product placement dance is a bit more complex