• Leaked Pictures May Show PSP2

    We’ve heard about the PSP2 for going on two years now, but this is the first we’ve ever seen of it. And it may not even be it. See, the leaked pics you see are from a development kit with a form factor that may or may not be final. Reportedly, a second dev kit has been put out that has a fused body, like the original PSP. Still, it’s a peek behind the curtain, and we… Read More

  • PSP2 Is Real, According To Mortal Kombat Developer – Finish Him!

    While Sony has been rather coy about the existence of a PSP2 (trying not to kill the PSP Go any futher I guess), Mortal Kombat developer Sean Himmerick just spilled the beans. Read More

  • The PSP 2 will be '[expletive] powerful'

    There will be a PSP 2. No, not some sort of halfway sequel, à la the PSP Go, but an actual, holy smokes PSP 2. That’s the rumor, and you’d have to assume that’s the case. But the specifics of the rumor, today’s incarnation of the rumor, that is, is that the device will be “[expletive] powerful.” That’s pretty powerful! Read More

  • Rumores españoles: Sony working on PSP2, will have Xbox1-level graphics

    A hot little rumor coming out of Spain, where “Ronaldomania” is running wild, suggests that Sony is indeed working on the PSP2. Such a system would have graphical capabilities more or less on par with the original Xbox. Read More

  • Touchscreen slider "PSP Go!" confirmed for this fall?

    PSP 2 rumors have been coming and going for quite a while now, but now it’s being claimed that internal sources are confirming a lot of the features we’ve all been hoping for. The PSP Go! name, in addition to breaking up sentences worldwide, reflects Sony’s recent Go! effort to provide video on demand and other mobile services. So what’s the new PSP got and what… Read More

  • PSP 2 rumors picking up steam [Update]

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted about Sony this many times so early in the week. The latest rumor comes from Dave Perry surrounding the PSP 2. I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I’m excited! Update: Some extra news from Perry via Kotaku. Read More

  • Those PSP 2 rumors are rubbish

    As if we even need to relay this information, but those PSP 2 rumors from yesterday are completely baseless. Do not get excited, do not lose sleep. Go about your day as if you never heard the rumor. Read More

  • This PSP 2 render looks better than the real thing

    Once again, the render looks better than the actual product. Specifically, this render for the PSP 2—I emphasize, it’s an unofficial render—looks better than the PSP 3000, the latest revision of the lost-in-this-world PSP. The render, designed by one Tai Chiem, uses a flexible OLED display at the system’s base and works from there: two nubs, stereo speakers that… Read More

  • More Details About the Upcoming PSP

    The new thinner, lighter PSP from Sony will contain a few subtle changes, according to some guy who’s name starts with a zero. There’s a TA-085 PCB motherboard which can be used for homebrew apps, double the memory, USB charging, video output, a smaller battery (same battery life, though), and the WLAN switch is now on the top of the unit. Read More