Touchscreen slider "PSP Go!" confirmed for this fall?

PSP 2 rumors have been coming and going for quite a while now, but now it’s being claimed that internal sources are confirming a lot of the features we’ve all been hoping for. The PSP Go! name, in addition to breaking up sentences worldwide, reflects Sony’s recent Go! effort to provide video on demand and other mobile services. So what’s the new PSP got and what didn’t make the cut?

  • No dual analog. One analog nub and a D-pad. How they’ll fit that on there is anybody’s guess.
  • Sliding design with buttons and controls underneath screen.
  • No UMD! Hooray! Downloadable games galore on launch.
  • Internal storage, choose from 8GB or 16GB flavors.
  • Touchscreen? That Mylo one would do just fine…
  • Camera? Would take some of the novelty away from the DSi.

It’s still rumor, but as rumors go this one seems all right. Salvage some pieces of the Mylo and its services, take a bite out of the DSi, and take a shot at the iPhone’s monopoly on touch games? Sounds like a business plan to me. Still, that dual analog would have been really nice.

[image credit: 1up]