The PSP 2 will be '[expletive] powerful'


There will be a PSP 2. No, not some sort of halfway sequel, à la the PSP Go, but an actual, holy smokes PSP 2. That’s the rumor, and you’d have to assume that’s the case. But the specifics of the rumor, today’s incarnation of the rumor, that is, is that the device will be “[expletive] powerful.” That’s pretty powerful!

How powerful is “[expletive] powerful”? We’re talking a four-core Cell processor (the PS3 has an eight-core CPU).

Other juicy bits of Internet gossip:

• It will have two cameras

• It will have a touchsreen, if not touchscreens

• There won’t be any physical media, but a 3G wireless connection instead

Those are the big bullet points.

One word of warning: it probably won’t be at E3 next month. Apparently certain developers have started receiving demo units, but they’ve been sworn to secrecy in the form of a non-disclosure agreement. A lot of good those did, what with all these leaks…