Watch the Airbus Project Vahana prototype autonomous air taxi take flight

Airbus recently had the first ever successful flight of its Vahana autonomous air vehicle, and now it’s released video of that pivotal moment in the aircraft’s development. The flight took

The Airbus Vahana flying taxi actually flew for the first time

Seems like just yesterday Airbus’ Vahana autonomous electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft was little more than a painted concept, but now it’s actually flown, during a full-s

A ride in the Lucid Motors alpha prototype

Lucid Motors brought its alpha prototype of its first production luxury EV to CES 2017. There’s a small fleet of these early test cars, but the one that made it to Las Vegas is the one in full c

Meet The Original Hyperloop… For Rocks

The Hyperloop isn't a new idea. In fact, the concept was so compelling that an engineer named <a target="_blank" href="">Stephen Fairfax</a> built one to carry phos

Press-On Polarizers Let You Enjoy 3D Movies Without Wearing Ugly Glasses

The <a HREF="">Stix project</a> is just a concept now, but what a concept it is. It's essentially a way for glasses-wearers to enjoy 3D movies w

Tablets With Back-Side Touch Interface? Here's KDDI's Prototype (Video)

<img src="" /> It's not that tablets or similar devices with a back-side touch interface are a new idea. <a href="http://www

Apple Once Made Dopey Stuff, Too!

<img src="" alt="" title="364_90_s_GPS_prototype_for_bikes" width="364" height="480" class="alignright size-fu

MIT's EurekaFest showcases high school students' problem-solving prototypes

EurekaFest is a yearly event held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that showcases the prototype inventions of high school students from around the country. The inventions consist of variou

Video: Hybrid HP Mini with pop-out tablet PC looks phenomenal

Yes, yes, yes. Check out this prototype from VIA . It’s a hybrid tablet PC netbook. The screen pops out of the main body and functions as an Android tablet and when docked back into the body &#8

Shrek MP3 player should be made immediately

<img src=""><a HREF="">Designer Sang-hoon Lee</a> has designed these odd little

What if the iPhone had a keyboard?!!!

<img class="left" title="iphonepro" style="display:inline;" height="285" alt="iphonepro" src="" width="239" />Do you wish the iPhone h

Internet-connected toaster burns news into bread

Oh my. It’s this kind of stuff that makes it all worthwhile. I present to you an idea for a toaster that hooks up to your computer and can burn just about anything you throw at it onto the bread you

Panasonic’s prototype ‘Eco House’

Hey everyone, Doug Aamoth here in Tokyo checking in on Panasonic’s “Eco Ideas” initiative. Here’s a video tour of a prototype house containing various environmentally-friendly and technologica

Speedboats go solar

It’s like something out of a James Bond movie, if Bond were more of a hippie, but it’s cool. It’s a solar-powered speedboat, completely covered in solar panels to provide power. Usin

Samsung shows a practical use for OLED screens

OLED screens are nice but small. Perfect for a notebook but impractical for, say, a television. This prototype of a laptop by Samsung has a keyboard that’s made me agitated just by looking at it

Galileo wheeltrack component demo

Hands-on with the Qualcomm 'Pocketable Computing Device' prototype

Did a little fondling of a prototype device from Qualcomm that’ll be hitting the market soon at under $300. It’s basically a super beefed-up Windows Mobile machine similar in size to the N

Xbox 360 Design That Didn't Make It, Seen for the First Time

As Vince pointed out, the Xbox 360 is nearly two years old. That does not, however, negate my interest in looking at unreleased, official prototypes designed by the same team that designed the system

Personal Soundtrack Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

I live in what could be classified as “a big city,” and every day my journey to work is different. Sometimes I’m early and I get off the El early and walk casually down Michigan Ave.

Cell Phones of the Future!

Business Week ran an article today showcasing several handset prototypes. Few of them look particularly practicle, but I guess originality and sensibility aren’t always mutual. The phone shown i