Press-On Polarizers Let You Enjoy 3D Movies Without Wearing Ugly Glasses

The Stix project is just a concept now, but what a concept it is. It’s essentially a way for glasses-wearers to enjoy 3D movies without having to put on oddly-shaped and potentially ugly 3D glasses.

The Stix peel off a piece of backing plastic and fit right on your real glasses. When you’re ready to face the real world again you simply peel them off. Lucy Jung and Daejin Ahn designed the concept because Lucy found herself having to wear her contacts when she went to the movies.

She writes on Yanko:

I had to wear contact lens to go to a 3D cinemas cause it was really uncomfortable to wear two glasses at the same time (I’m sure people who have done it all felt the same). I also thought mobile screen protector films were a great material which won’t damage the glasses.

The product is obviously still in prototype stage and, although it’s cool, I wonder how many movie houses actually care if their four-eyed patrons don’t like the big, goofy glasses for which they charge a premium.