Apple Once Made Dopey Stuff, Too!

This is an old chestnut of a post but it’s nice to look back and see just what kind of crazy garbage Apple tried to foist on the unsuspecting public way back when. Take this odd GPS unit, for example. It looks like a Newton had sex with an N-Gage and then the resulting child was strapped to a bike. Then there’s the old Pippin, the most famous Apple-made gaming console ever.

Pippin made it to the marketplace, but if you’ve heard of it, you’re among the minority. When the gaming console (and network computer) was released in the US in 1996, Sony and Nintendo already had a firm grip on the digits of gamers. Japanese toymakers Bandai made the console and reportedly sold a measly 42,000 before it was discontinued

I think the most telling thing is that the design aesthetic of all of these devices is all over the map and, now, if you look at the Apple product line it’s basically monolithically identical. Essentially you were dealing with a wild company back in the 1990s.

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