• Good News For Discovery Apps: Apple Allows Apps To Sell Other Apps Directly In iOS 6

    Good News For Discovery Apps: Apple Allows Apps To Sell Other Apps Directly In iOS 6

    Apple recently changed its developer guidelines to indicate that it might not be so happy with apps that essentially replicate what the App Store already provides, in terms of providing lists of apps to buy. But another change in iOS 6 pointed out by a developer contact suggests that Apple definitely does want to encourage developers to help it sell mobile software: a new object available… Read More

  • ThingLink Adds Rich Media Tags To Online Images

    ThingLink Adds Rich Media Tags To Online Images

    TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley participant ThingLink is a Helsinki, Finland and U.S.-based startup that lets you add rich media tags to online images. These tags appear as small dots when you hover your cursor over the image, and can link out to a number of services, including Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, EventBrite, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, Spotify, Wikipedia and… Read More

  • SoundCloud Passes 4 Million Users, Partners With To Give Bands A Killer Promotional Tool

    By now, you may have run across a SoundCloud audio track somewhere out there in the wild, wooly Interwebs — perhaps during one of your mad, late-night music searches. In which case, you’re familiar with the tell-tale signs: The scrolling orange cursor, the messages tagged mid-song, and that distinctive social waveform layout. For those who have no idea what I’m talking… Read More

  • Videos: Darth Vader Promotes The Galaxy S In Japan

    Back in April, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier, NTT DoComo, began running a bizarre promotion campaign in Tokyo (which prompted me to go out and post this photo report on MobileCrunch). Docomo used Darth Vader in a number of weird posters and viral video clips, without saying why and what Vader was supposed to promote. Read More

  • Get inside Carrie's MacBook in a shameless Apple/Sex in the City promotion

    Sex in the City has always been a voyeuristic pleasure for those who enjoy it. It’s okay, admit it. And now you have the chance to go behind Carrie’s back and snoop around her laptop – which happens to be a Macbook Pro. I’m not the biggest fan, but I am very nosy, so this was a pleasure for me. There wasn’t any sensitive information, but the Stickies were full… Read More