Indian government’s cloud spilled citizens’ personal data online for years

The Indian government has finally resolved a years-long cybersecurity issue that exposed reams of sensitive data about its citizens. A security researcher exclusively told TechCrunch he found at least

‘Reverse’ searches: The sneaky ways that police tap tech companies for your private data

Reverse searches cast a digital dragnet over a tech company's store of user data to catch the information that police are looking for.

AT&T resets account passcodes after millions of customer records leak online

A security researcher told TechCrunch that leaked AT&T customer data contained encrypted account passcodes that can be easily unscrambled.

Telegram’s peer-to-peer SMS login service is a privacy nightmare

Telegram has introduced a controversial new feature that grants users a free premium membership in exchange for allowing the instant messaging app to utilize their phone number as a relay for sending

DOT to investigate data security and privacy practices of top US airlines

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced its first industry-wide review of data security and privacy policies across the largest U.S. airlines. The DOT said in a press release Thursday that the

Users say Glassdoor added real names to user profiles without their consent

One user said Glassdoor pulled her full name from an email and added it to her profile. Another user said it wasn't clear how Glassdoor got his data.

How to verify a data breach

Over the years, TechCrunch has extensively covered data breaches. In fact, some of our most-read stories have come from reporting on huge data breaches, such as revealing shoddy security practices at

French startup Nijta hopes to protect voice privacy in AI use cases

France-based startup Nijta, whose flagship product Voice Harbor anonymizes voices for AI, raised €2 million in funding from various sources, including deep tech VC fund Elaia.

Four things we learned when US intelligence chiefs testified to Congress

Cyberattacks, regional conflict, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, commercial spyware, AI, misinformation, disinformation, deepfakes and TikTok. These are just some of the top perceived threats

After losing access to Twitter’s API, Block Party pivots to privacy

Block Party, a startup developed by software engineer and tech diversity advocate Tracy Chou, was among the victims of Twitter’s (now X’s) API changes earlier this year, forcing it to pivo

Elon Musk switched on X calling by default: Here’s how to switch it off

In his quest to turn a simple and functioning Twitter app into X, the everything app that doesn’t do anything very well, Elon Musk launched audio and video calling on X last week — and this new fe

A leaky database spilled 2FA codes for the world’s tech giants

A technology company that routes millions of SMS text messages across the world has secured an exposed database that was spilling one-time security codes that may have granted users’ access to t

FTC bans antivirus giant Avast from selling its users’ browsing data to advertisers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday said it will ban the antivirus giant Avast from selling consumers’ web browsing data to advertisers after Avast claimed its products would prevent

Signal now lets you keep your phone number private with the launch of usernames

Signal is launching usernames, the company announced today. Up until now, you have had to give someone your phone number to chat with them on Signal. Now you can create a unique username that you can

Women in AI: Rashida Richardson, senior counsel at Mastercard focusing on AI and privacy

To give AI-focused women academics and others their well-deserved — and overdue — time in the spotlight, TechCrunch is launching a series of interviews focusing on remarkable women who&#82

Fertility tracker Glow fixes bug that exposed users’ personal data

A bug in the online forum for the fertility tracking app Glow exposed the personal data of around 25 million users, according to a security researcher. The bug exposed users’ first and last names, s

Apple pulled a fake app masquerading as password manager LastPass from the App Store

Apple has removed a fake app that was masquerading as password manager LastPass on the App Store. The illegitimate app was listed under an individual developer’s name (Parvati Patel) and copied

Google saves your conversations with Gemini for years by default

Don’t type anything into Gemini, Google’s family of GenAI apps, that’s incriminating — or that you wouldn’t want someone else to see. That’s the PSA (of sorts) toda

Mozilla Monitor’s new service removes your personal info from data broker sites automatically

Mozilla today is introducing a new subscription service that will help people locate and remove their personal and sensitive information from data broker websites around the web. This includes the abi

Court rules in favor of a web scraper, Bright Data, which Meta had used and then sued

Meta has lost a claim in its legal battle with an Israeli tech firm Bright Data, which it sued last year for scraping data from Facebook and Instagram via the web. The tech giant, which has a long his
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