Netflix brings its short-form video feed ‘Fast Laughs’ to the TV

Netflix is bringing its short-form video feature “Fast Laughs” to TV’s big screen. Launched a year ago, the TikTok-inspired feed of funny videos had previously been available only on

Netflix tests video promos in between episodes, much to viewers’ dislike

Netflix is testing video promos that play in between episodes of shows a viewer is streaming, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The promos are full-screen videos, personalized to the user, featurin

Apple Adds Bundles And Previews To Give App Developers More Ways To Reach An Audience

The App Store has often been criticized for limiting discoverability, but Apple has armed developers with new promotional tools with the release of iOS 8 that should help them get their stuff in front

Twitter Apps For iOS, Android And Web Get In-Stream Video And Image Previews

Twitter today <a target="_blank" href="">shipped an update</a> that adds in-stream video and image previews to the main feed in its iOS, An

CrunchArcade: E3 2007 Preview

By this time of year the nightmare that is known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo should just be a distant memory, and those of us who made the pilgrimage to the Los Angeles Convention Center to c