• Unicorn valuations remain elusive for politics-focused startups

    Unicorn valuations remain elusive for politics-focused startups

    In the last couple of years, venture and seed investors have backed at least twenty companies deploying technology in the political realm, according to Crunchbase data. Funded companies are developing tools to provide higher accuracy alternatives to polling, monitor geopolitical sentiment, and improve civic engagement. Read More

  • What If: The New New York Times

    Like everyone else I’ve watched the print media world fall apart over the last few years. The poster child for that industry is the New York Times, of course, and their many missteps in recent memory have been well chronicled. In early 2008 Marc Andreessen started a New York Times Deathwatch, and the company’s financial performance has degraded since then. I keep wondering what… Read More

  • AOL's PoliticsDaily Quickly Surpasses Rival Politico, MediaGlow Sites Continue To Grow

    AOL’s new political news and blog site, PoliticsDaily.com has surpassed rival Politico.com in unique visits in May, after being launched only a month and a half ago. According to May’s comScore results, PoliticsDaily.com received 2.4 million unique visitors compared to 1.1 million unique visitors on Politico.com in May. PoliticsDaily, a “news magazine” site which… Read More