• Polar tears down the Nike+ dongle hegemony

    Nike and Polar (the heart rate monitor people) have just introduced the Polar WearLink+ that connects your Polar gear to the Nike+ iPod pedometer. The heartrate band sends data to the same program that controls the distance and speed data sent from the Nike+ footpod. Obviously Polar makes all sorts of running and walking gear already, but this device breaks out of the Polar ecosystem and… Read More

  • You Work it Girl: Women's Fitness

    Let’s face it: Almost all fitness gear, from free weights to running shoes, is designed with men in mind. When companies make a “women’s version,” it’s usually clad in pink plastic. Well, today we’re taking back the gym and saying “No!” to Hello Kitty-themed treadmills. Here are some great women’s fitness gadgets to keep you running… Read More

  • Adidas Helps You Monitor Your Heart

    Adidas has teamed up with Polar to produce a new line of clothes called Project Fusion that will both monitor your ECG stats and, possibly, look cool. The system has sensors built throughout the shirt to check your heart rate and the shoes to keep tabs on how far and fast you’re moving. After your workout, just upload all the info to your PC via Bluetooth and see how you did, and how long… Read More