Polar’s new GPS watch is aimed at beginning runners

Polar’s been doing heart rate monitoring before it was cool. Way, way before. In fact, the company’s been making the things since 1982, giving it a three-decade head-start on most of the competition.

The Finnish company’s latest device has that functionality built in, naturally, utilizing an optical sensor on the back and the company’s proprietary algorithm to calculate the wearer’s heartbeat.

The bulbous new M200 also sports integrated GPS tracking and does the standard array of tracking, including steps, calories and sleep, though from the looks of it, it might be a bit big to attempt to wear to bed. It’ll also do the usual notifications for calls, emails and social media.

Polar’s baked its training functionality into the wrist-worn wearable, including a running training plan designed to help users get ready for a number of different races from 5Ks to marathons, designed for different fitness levels. That, coupled with the $149 price point seem to the main reasons the company is positioning the M200 as a wearable for beginners.

It’ll be out at some unspecified point this year, along with swappable wrist bands, priced at $20 a pop.