• Cowon announces two new portable media players

    After about a half-year break from making anything substantial, the well-rested Cowon has just announced two new portable media players. The S9, seen above, will be primarily geared towards light portable computing and more with a 3.3-inch 480×272 AMOLED display, 500 MHz dual-core CPU (Atom, possibly?), capacitive touchscreen, TV-out, voice recorder, digital TV (T-DMB), Bluetooth, and… Read More

  • ‘Coming up soon…’ New Archos portable media players

    Get ready for the next generation of Archos portable media players. A banner on the company’s Web site reads “Coming up soon…” There’s zero info other than that, and why would there be? It’s not like Archos fans don’t like to know the company’s plans from A to Z, right? via Read More

  • iRiver's Spinn launching, looking gorgeous

    I’ve always liked iRiver’s stuff, and even though the iPod Touch gets all the love these days, iRiver is still mighty popular on the other side of the Pacific and I wish I had more chances to check out there gear here in the states. This Spinn has been lurking for some time (since CES) and just really dropped today; like most iRiver stuff it supports every format under the sun… Read More

  • iRiver L Player: FLAC tested, Muse approved

    Indie cool iRiver is now showing off (in Korea) the L Player, using message board cool Muse’s likeness to promote it. The portable media player has 2-inch LCD, and works with all the dumb file formats you’re likely to find on The Pirate Bay or whatever, including MPEG-4, XVID and FLAC. There’s even OGG support—that must be great news for, like, nine of you. SRS Wow… Read More

  • Archos launches GPS unit, live portable TV, and Flash 9 support for media players

    Archos sent out a fairly lengthy press release today updating us to a few new things its doing with its WiFi-equipped media players, including adding live TV and GPS capabilities. With the new In-Car Holder (that’s its name), the Archos 605 WiFi media player becomes a full-fledged GPS for autos. The holder has GPS functionality, and works with maps stored on the player. It’s a… Read More

  • Pigboat contest winner: Ryan

    Using my secret aggregation method for picking winners, I chose Ryan as the winner of the nasty PMP. His sad, sad prize is on its merry way. I guess I’m wanting this piece of total shit crap stool poop (to paraphrase Biggs’ March 18th review) more its dramatic destruction and an excuse to borrow some robots than to actually own and use it.
    I will have borrowed 4 of these
    Read More

  • Samsung bumps P2 up to 16GB

    Samsung’s YP-P2 PMP is finally getting a much needed bump in storage from 8GB to 16GB. I’ve got a 4GB or 8GB P2 somewhere, but being a Mac guy hinders me from using the fancy little guy. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll run Boot Camp because I’d like to watch video once in a while. It’s roughly $350 but we won’t know the exact pricing in the US until they bring it… Read More

  • WiBro PMP from Samsung should infuriate us all

    [photopress:SWT_W100K_002.jpg,full,pp_image] We’re a couple months away from seeing any WiMAX activity here in the US, but it’s coming, at least. Will we have any WiMAX ready devices? Probably not unless the rumors of the Nokia N810 WiMAX tablet are true. Per the usual, Samsung has gone and announced a WiBro PMP that features a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, DMB, DMB PIP, GPS, a… Read More

  • SanDisk Sansa Fuze is real, coming soon

    We first caught wind of the Fuze last week and now it’s official. The 4GB Fuze will come in red for now, we assume more colors will be available, and will retail for $100. The little PMP features a 1.9-inch screen, digital FM radio, voice recording and a microSD/SDHC slot. Battery life, according to Amazon, puts the Fuze at 24-hours for audio and 5-hours of video playback. $100 sounds like… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB Samsung P2 PMP for $150

    [photopress:p2150.jpg,full,center] The Samsung P2 portable media player usually retails for around $200 but has it now for $150. The 4GB model, that is. The Windows-only pmp is constantly evolving. Samsung periodically updates its firmware, adding new features with each update. So if you buy it you’re not getting merely what’s in the box. (In fact, if I remember the… Read More

  • Toshiba's tiny 8GB mp3 player is GyaO-tiful

    I’m not sure what’s up with the name, but this is a cool-looking little gadget. It’s from Toshiba (like this other little guy with a digital TV tuner inside) and it costs about $300. It costs the same as an 8GB iPod Touch, but it’s a little smaller (for good or ill) and obviously doesn’t sport the same touchy interface. It’s got wi-fi, runs a version of… Read More

  • Teclast T50: could be an iPod Touch rival

    Teclast just might have a real iPod Touch competitor on their hands with the T50. It claims to have a capacitive touch screen with multi-point touch recognition on a WGVA widescreen display. The Chinese PMP supports RMVB/RM/FLV/AVI formats and has a dual-core processor. Not much else is known and my Chinese is a little rusty and by rusty, I mean non-existent. Teclast [via thegadgetsite] Thanks… Read More

  • Slacker shipping today

    Was anyone really surprised that Slacker delayed shipment of their player multiple times? Come on! With a name like Slacker it was inevitable. Anyway, pre-orders began shipping today. In case you wanted to know. Read More

  • Tactile MP3 player: Control it with near-zero forethought

    [photopress:tactilemp3.jpg,full,center] Having lost my iPod nano last week, along with a host of other personal effects, I’ll presently be in the market for a new media player, one that doesn’t have to be an iPod. Though I realize I’ll never be able to buy this little player, the Tactile MP3, I do like its premise. There’s no display of any kind; you control the player… Read More

  • Cowon has a tiny, touchable PMP for you

    I love these guys. They make good stuff. Their booth was pretty sparse, but the A3 and D2 were looking good in their little enclosures. The A3 (right) I’d seen before, and it was the D2 that caught my eye. It fit my hand well, the touchscreen was responsive, and the display was crisp and bright. It looks like the perfect thing to carry around a ton of standard def videos on —… Read More

  • Philips Pimps New GoGear PMPs

    Product Name: Philips GoGear PMPs
    Description: Like a cop giving out tickets at the end of the month, Philips is definitely trying to fill some kind of quota…. The company released just about every variation of portable media player you can think of here at CES. Settle in, I’ll try to be brief. GoGear SA3025/3045: 2GB or 4GB of flash, 1.5-inch screen, 11fps video playback… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung Blue Wave updates P2's, T10's firmware

    [photopress:P2_black_on_cloth.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung Blue Wave
    Description: Software program to update firmware on Samsung PMPs like the P2 and T10
    Price: Free~!
    In-store date: Downloadable now
    Site: Samsung MPfreedom
    Why it’s cool: Because with firmware updates = new features for free Read More

  • What is the iPhone of personal media players?

    It struck me kind of funny that the web site ponders aloud whether or not the Cowon Q5W is "the iPhone of Personal Media Players" because of its "long list of features that far surpasses other gadgets of its kind." I can kinda see where they’re coming from but it just sounds a little odd to call a media playing device what basically amounts to a… Read More

  • Credit card sized video players or gigantic hand model?

    These tiny video players are available at for $100 each. One’s got a 2.8-inch display and one has a 2.4-inch display. How do you like that? They’ve each got 2GB of memory and can handle AVI and MPEG videos as well as MP3 audio. They also have a built-in FM tuner, a speaker, text viewer, picture viewer, and games. How’d they do that?! Battery life lasts 3-4 hours… Read More

  • Sleek 'S3' apparently has a clarity-enhancing finish

    If you’re in Korea, you’ll soon be able to pick up ACELAB’s new S3 portable media player which, according to a company official, is surrounded by a special finish that’s supposed to “enhance the clarity of the LCD for better viewing experience.” Clarity-enhancement aside, you’ll get a built-in speaker, FM radio, voice recording, an image viewer, FM… Read More