Glasses-less 3D MP3 Player For The Masses

Want the 3D experience without the glasses and with the headache? You’re in luck. Brando is offering a $180 glasses-less 3D PMP that plays multiple file types and presumably plays naked-eye 3D video.

You’ll need some hot pirated content to watch on this thing, though, as Brando recommends:

3D Video: Left and Right 3D video format (H.264 / AVI and other mainstream encoding format), need to add the file name in front of “[3D].”

It has 4GB on-board storage, an SD card slot, and a 8-inch 1280×768 lenticular display. While I doubt it will look as exciting as the above image demonstrates, I suppose it’s a nice way to get some 3D action in of an evening.

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