Affordable 7-inch touchscreen PMP is just aching for a web browser


Oh Brando, you tickle the collective fancy of internet users everywhere with your $177 touchscreen portable media player. It plays back high-definition video files, it can be hooked up to a TV, it doubles as a digital photo frame, and it’s expandable via microSD cards.

It just needs a Wi-Fi chip and a web browser. Granted, the 7-inch screen’s resolution is just 800×480 but some sort of modified browser would get the job done. And there’s no mention of battery life, but most couches are near enough to an outlet to almost make that a non-issue.

Alas, you’ll be at the mercy of your computer’s USB port when it comes to getting content onto the device. There’s 8GB of built-in storage, expandable via 32GB microSD card.

bmorn BM-888 PMP Player [Brando]