Archos 2010 lineup leaks (in Europe)

So the latest from Archos leaked recently at CeBIT 2010, the European electronics show. The 2010 Vision line showcases Archos returning to their roots with a series of new audio players designed for the lower end of the price range.

First is the A14VG Vision, a simple player with a 1.4″ display, 4GB of internal memory and an FM tuner. Expect to see it (since this is Europe only) for about 35 Euros.

Next is the A15VS Vision, a slimline player that supports FLAC, with the same 4GB of internal memory. This version will sell for about 40 Euros.

The A30VC is pretty much the same as last years model, except with the addition of a camera on the back. The screen on this until measures 3.0″ and has 8GB of internal memory. Expect to find this one at 90 Euros.

Finally we have the A43VB, a typical PMP. The A43VB has a 4.3″ touchscreen, 8GB of internal memory (but a microSD slot for expansion), and retails for 100 Euros.

Again, don’t expect to ever see these in the US, but isn’t it fun to see what’s coming to Europe?

[via dapreview]