It’s beyond time we started worrying about unicorn exits

Until the IPO window reopens — or until unicorns are willing to be dehorned on the way out — there is little reason to hope that exit activity will perk up.

Without the Stripe and OpenAI deals, global VC results would have been even worse in Q1 2023

The numbers aren't great, sure, but they're also not quite as bad as we feared heading into 2023 last year.

How hard was it to raise venture capital in Q1?

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single pe

The lowdown for European startups looking to raise money in 2023

We’re looking at Europe's Q1 2023 venture capital tallies and considering the three largest venture markets in the region: the U.K., Germany and France.

Q1 VC results tread water, but that’s cold comfort for SaaS unicorns

PitchBook data shows how far venture activity has fallen from year-ago totals and just how brutal the venture capital market appears for late-stage startups.

As banks totter, crypto is busy racking up gains

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is Alex and we are here to do our Monday show, a kicko

PitchBook’s new tool uses AI to predict which startups will successfully exit

PitchBook is launching a new tool that uses historical data and AI to attempt to predict which startups will successfully exit.

The $100M venture round is going extinct

Startups hoping to raise a nine-figure round in the future had best temper their ambition; venture funding events worth $100 million or more are going extinct — quickly.

Putting numbers on the global venture slowdown

Total venture funding in 2022 amounted to $415.1 billion, 35% less than in 2021.

Let’s keep our seed activity expectations in check

A new PitchBook report warns of an ongoing economic downturn. If you don't want to be disappointed, you may not want to put high hopes on seed activity.

VC deal activity fell in 2022, signaling tough times ahead

According to recent PitchBook market reports, the venture capital environment remains tough for startups as nontraditional investors pull back.

Series A rounds are looking a little crunchy in the United States

For seed-stage founders, the steep fundraising road now has two guard towers placed at the A and C stages.

Has the FTX mess iced venture interest in crypto?

Many folks building or investing in blockchain-based assets and protocols have kept their chins up amid a series of crises. But what do the numbers tell us?

Harmonic helps investors query the startup searches of their wildest dreams

Siri, show me fintech companies, founded in the last two years, that haven’t raised over the past year but have grown headcount by 100% in the same time frame; and can it be founded by Stanford

CVCs maintain stake in one-quarter of deals despite overall venture pullback

While other nontraditional investors have slowed their pace in 2022, CVCs have been in the largest percentage of deals yet.

Q3 data reminds us that venture debt is not a Hail Mary

Despite many thinking that venture debt would grow amid this year's equity pullback, that has not been the case.

Is the venture market slowing or did crossover funds just bounce?

How much of the VC slowdown is predicated on investors cutting check sizes and slowing deal-making cadence, and what fraction comes from non-venture investors simply bouncing?

Founders shouldn’t bet on a Q4 venture capital resurgence

PitchBook analyst Kyle Stanford shared his insights on what venture capital investment will look like in the fourth quarter.

5 questions for venture capital in Q3 2022

We’re gearing up for a wave of venture capital data that will start to drop in less than two weeks' time. Here’s what we want to determine when we get the final figures in.

Emerging managers should take advantage of the slower fundraising market by courting LPs

LPs may not have as much cash on hand as before but they may have something more important — time.
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