• VC doors are wide open for real estate startups Crunch Network

    VC doors are wide open for real estate startups

    Over the last couple of decades, online streaming, shopping and social networking startups have revolutionized the art of sitting around the house. Now, a new generation of internet entrepreneurs is focusing on getting us a better house to sit around in. Read More

  • With $13.5M in new funds, Pillow partners with building owners to make rentals Airbnb-friendly

    With $13.5M in new funds, Pillow partners with building owners to make rentals Airbnb-friendly

    Short-term rental management startup Pillow has raised $13.5 million in new funding, and is launching a new product to provide more transparency to apartment owners when renters make their apartments available on platforms like Airbnb. Read More

  • That one time I was tucked in by a startup

    That one time I was tucked in by a startup

    There I was on a comfy gray couch, surrounded by pillows and being handed an eye mask in a reserved office space in downtown San Francisco when, next thing I knew, Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm was tucking me in and spraying a relaxing mist over my body. “Sweet dreams,” said his comms person as the two shut the door. That’s when Tamara began to speak… Tamara… Read More

  • TC Cribs: Minted’s Visually Stunning Front Street Office

    This week’s Cribs episode takes us to Minted, an online marketplace of independent artists and designers. Minted hangs its headquarters shingle in San Francisco’s historic Jackson Square neighborhood. Stunning is the word for Minted’s interior. The two-story, 32,000-square-foot office space was originally built in 1909 and boasts large windows with lots of natural… Read More

  • Pillow Raises $2.65 Million To Take The Friction Out Of Airbnb Rentals

    Pillow Raises $2.65 Million To Take The Friction Out Of Airbnb Rentals

    Pillow thinks it can help hosts address common issues, while also standardizing the experience for guests. To do so, the company has raised $2.65 million in funding. Currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Napa, Pillow seeks to reduce the friction that comes in hosting and in renting out a space on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway. Read More

  • For the programmer who has everything: Android pillows

    Need a DIY gift for the phone programmer who has everything? Consider getting him or her some Android pillows. These pillows show the eventual move toward the iPhone OS – more fluff. [via Technabob] Read More

  • More creepy anatomical pillows, this time for your baby!

    Do you remember that creepy ‘Hug Me’ pillow? Did you see that and think “Oh man, that’s perfect for me, but what about my newborn infant?” Relax, parents of the world, the Zaky pillow is here! Read More

  • Review: TravelRest pillow

    I may bitch and moan about having to travel every couple weeks for some press conference or event, but my job is probably better than most and I get to play with gadgets all day. Life is rough, I know. But when you’re crammed like a sardine into an airplane for at least six hours it starts to wear on you. I’m not one to sleep with my head hanging forward. As a kid I always fell… Read More

  • New high-tech anti-snoring pillow from Japan

    In case you have a serious problem with snoring during sleep, Tokyo-based furniture maker France Bed now comes to the rescue. The company developed an anti-snoring head pillow which is able to detect and reduce unwanted sounds by vibrating to change the position of the sleeping person’s head. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the Ibiki Makura (snore pillow) to three different… Read More

  • Wake up with the 'glo Pillow'

    Good morning CrunchGear readers. Can I get you some coffee? Maybe some gadget news from around the Internet? Take your time getting up — let’s just ease into our Friday here, hmm-kay? How’d you sleep last night? I like the idea of the glo Pillow and I think I sleep lightly enough that this would be able to wake me up on its own without needing to rely on an alarm clock as well. Read More

  • Kleenex Pillow: A Pillow with Kleenex!

    Why didn’t we have one of these when we had that cold last month that knocked us on our collective ass? The Kleenex pillow is not for wiping your snot-holes, but is a regular pillow with a built-in Kleenex dispenser. After blowing your sick into the tissue paper, what you do with it is up to you. Maybe you need a garbage-can/end-table combo, we dunno. The point is, no more reaching a… Read More