TC Cribs: Minted’s Visually Stunning Front Street Office

This week’s Cribs episode takes us to Minted, an online marketplace of independent artists and designers. Minted hangs its headquarters shingle in San Francisco’s historic Jackson Square neighborhood.

Stunning is the word for Minted’s interior. The two-story, 32,000-square-foot office space was originally built in 1909 and boasts large windows with lots of natural light, high concrete ceilings and walls covered with art, and turned over books, complimenting a mix of hard and soft textiles. Minted also imported the large slabs of greyed wood flooring and gave it a braided chevron (or herringbone) design.

Studio O+A, a Bay Area architecture and design firm that also shaped the look for other well-known tech companies such as Yelp and Uber, produced Minted’s office flow. CEO Mariam pulled in KE Design founder and interior designer Kendall Ermshar to work on Minted’s look. Ermshar has designed a few tech founder’s residential areas around Silicon Valley. He wouldn’t name names, but has worked on Naficy’s home. 

Naficy wanted Minted to have a comfortable, homey feel. She and Ermshar worked together on creating a space that truly felt that way for employees. You’ll see pillows, faux fur and soft rugs mixed in with dark leather couches and gorgeous lighting to create the look. Also, note the sheen of the copper wall greeting visitors at Minted’s front desk.

Workers gather in an old library or a repurposed bank vault filled with dozens of big, fluffy pillows to meet and work. There are flower arranging classes, art sessions and easels ready for a painting break near the gorgeous views from the building’s large paned windows. 

Other social perks include a full-time barista serving Blue Bottle coffee and access to yoga classes, healthy snacks and a game room. I met up with Naficy to take a look. 

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