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In a startup reprise, Courtne Smith launches NewNew, a social network based on shared content

Since her departure from Drake’s entourage (where she worked as his longtime personal assistant) Courtne Smith has launched a line of hair products; a giveaway game that dropped swag like Yeezy

BMW wants to sell you subscriptions to your car’s features

BMW today announced a number of updates to its in-car software experience during a VR press event, complete with a virtual drive through Munich to show off some of these features. These new updates wi

Microsoft has big plans for its new Edge browser

Microsoft is setting itself some high goals for its new Chromium-based Edge browser. As Chuck Friedman, the corporate vice president for Edge told me, he wants Edge to hit one billion users — a

Is your product’s AI annoying people?

We tend to think of AI as an incredible dream assistant to our lives and business operations, when that's not always the case. Designers should consider how these services can be problematic.

BMW says in-car digital assistants have to go beyond being ‘Echo Dots in a cup holder’

BMW wants to bring personal assistants to the car, but it doesn’t want to build its own. Instead, it wants to work with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others to bring the best features of their p

Inside ‘Fin,’ the elite human/AI assistant

"I have FOMO for the future", says Sam Lessin. That's why his startup Fin is working backwards from a far-off tech utopia. One day, computers with some human help will answer our every beck and call.

Say hello to the Home Mini, Google’s $49 answer to the Amazon Echo Dot

To the surprise of no one, Google today announced a smaller version of its Google Home smart speaker. The Google Home Mini looks like a small hockey puck and will retail for $50. At this size and pric

Hinge is testing a personal assistant service called Audrey to help you get more dates

Dating app Hinge recently pivoted from swiping to “stories,” in order to help people find real relationships. That focus on authenticity, however, seems to stand in contrast to a project

Emotech shows off Olly, the most likable personal assistant around

Over the years, we've seen a lot of devices you can talk to to make them do stuff. That's all good and well, but apart from talking back to you, they don't really seem to care about you all that much.

Maluuba wants to make chatbots smarter by teaching them how to read

Maluuba launched its first Siri-like personal assistant at TC Disrupt San Francisco four years ago. Since then, the company has raised $11 million and has licensed its technology to a number of hands

Mezi Is An Intelligent Virtual Assistant That’s Obsessed With Shopping

There is an increasingly large roster of personal assistant apps that use artificial intelligence in an attempt to make users' lives easier. Mezi is the newest contender and while it has plenty of com

Personal Concierge App Goodservice Nabs $1.6M From Sequoia To Expand In India

Goodservice wants to give users in India a personal assistant in their smartphone. The Mumbai-based app just scored seed funding of $1.6 million from Sequoia Capital, which it will use to increase the Lands $2.1M To Build ‘Amy’, An AI-Powered Personal Assistant For Meetings

From the sometimes disappointing but often great reality of Siri to the complicated potential of Samantha, the idea of virtual personal assistants helping us with our digital-fuelled lives has c

Robin Labs Builds A Rear-View Mirror Personal Assistant For New Strategic Investor Pioneer

<a target="_blank" href="">Robin Labs</a> -- maker of the eponynous personal assistant app -- has been in the news of late because of a leaked video that shows a <a href="https://t

Dialapp’s Predictive Dialer For Android Knows Who You’re Going To Call Next

A replacement for your Android smartphone's dialer (you know, the phone) may not sound revolutionary, but a new app, called simply <a target="_blank" href="

Sherpa, The Top Spanish-Speaking Personal Assistant App, Comes To The U.S. For Android [TCTV]

The “personal assistant” craze is in full effect on mobile devices, with Apple’s SIRI kicking off the fun. The dream of being able to speak out loud and have information come back to

Now You Can Ask Your Smartphone About The Past, Present Or Future: Android’s Siri-Like Assistant Iris Gets Integrated With Activity-Tracker Friday

Dexetra, the company behind <a href="">the Siri-like Android app Iris</a> and <a href="

Intelligent, Context-Aware Personal Assistant App “Friday” Makes Its Public Debut

How appropriate. That <a target="_blank" href="">crazy Android personal assistant app called Friday</a> is debuting today, on a Friday. Marketing genius! <a target="_blank" hr

Friday: A Personal Assistant That Remembers What You’ve Done

In the spirit of connecting your phone's activity to the cloud, a trend that has inspired <a href="">one of th