AppDynamics update looks to measure impact of performance on business

It seems to have been the week for modern application performance monitoring tools to announce major updates. First, New Relic announced theirs on Monday and today AppDynamics followed suit with its o

Heroku Admits To Performance Degradation Over The Past 3 Years After Criticism From Rap Genius

<a target="_blank" href="">Heroku</a>, the popular cloud application platform, may not be as fast today as it was three years ago. Yesterday, <a target="_blank" href="http://rapg

With Growth Surging, Torbit Moves Towards Free To Help Web Businesses Turn Speed Into Revenue

In today's digital world, website performance and speedy load times are critical. This is now common knowledge. However, until recently, it's been tough to quantify the extent to which speed and perfo

Web App Performance Solution Tracelytics Raises $600K From Google Ventures, Battery & Flybridge

Application performance and analytics solution provider <a href="">Tracelytics</a> has just closed a seed round of $600,000 from Battery Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partner

MacBook performance drops 37 percent without battery installed

Flickr’d Don’t bother using your MacBook or MacBook Pro without the battery installed unless you’re cool with a huge performance decrease. Gearlog notes that, in the process of doing

New Alienware rig makes my stomach hurt just thinking about how much it costs (it's cool, though)

If you really sit down and think about it, do you NEED rent money, a car, and food? Would you even miss those things if you had the new Alienware Area-51 ALX CFX (starting at $5,149)? If you’ve

Another 'Windows XP is better than Windows Vista' post

I won’t bore you with all the details of a recent XP-vs-Vista benchmarking test except to say that it involved Office 2007 productivity tasks, XP with Service Pack 3 Beta, and Vista with Service