• PCH International, Gadget Maker Extraordinaire, Raises Another $26 Million

    PCH International isn’t your normal Chinese manufacturing company. They’re located in Shenzhen, a sleepy fishing village in the 1970’s that is now home to 9 million people. It’s an Irish company, headquartered in Cork, Ireland. And to make things even more interesting, it was named after the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), in California. Founder Liam Casey has been… Read More

  • $21 Million For Mr. China

    Liam Casey, a Cork, Ireland-born entrepreneur, traveled to Taipei in 1996 on a whim to attend an electronics trade show. Within a year he had started his own supply chain manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China called PCH International (PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway, a famous highway in Southern California where he lived for a while in the 90s). Jump to 2007. PCH International rode… Read More