• One More Thing… All The Best iPhone Parody Videos In One Place

    Whether you’re on Team Apple or Team Android, one thing remains true. When Apple releases a new iPhone, the tech media world goes nuts. And it’s not just about hands-on videos and analytical looks and bug reports and sales stats — fortunately, there are some hilarious people out there to remind us just how silly iPhone fever is. That said, we’ve compiled a few of the… Read More

  • HODOR!


    Stop. the. presses. Yo, the ridiculously simple messaging app that lets you send a “Yo” to your friends and nothing more, has a new rival. (Or perhaps a more appropriate word would be “parody.”) Introducing Yo, Hodor. As the name implies, this recently launched app offers a different spin on the Yo concept by letting you virtually shout “HODOR!” to… Read More

  • Google Nest Parody Protest Site Holds A Funhouse Mirror Up To The Search Giant

    Google Nest Parody Protest Site Holds A Funhouse Mirror Up To The Search Giant

    Update: Google has provided the following statement clarifying its filing, described below – We are in contact with the SEC to clarify the language in this 2013 filing, which does not reflect Google’s product roadmap.  Nest, which we acquired after this filing was made, does not have an ads-based model and has never had any such plans. Google acquired Nest Labs last year, bringing… Read More

  • Saturday Night Live Takes On Google Glass

    Saturday Night Live Takes On Google Glass

    Aaaand the Google Glass jokes have officially gone mainstream. Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update — the bit that long ago became the best reason to tune into SNL — took on Glass last night… and, well, they kind of nailed it. Read More

  • This Facebook Phone Parody Actually Makes Some Good Points

    This Facebook Phone Parody Actually Makes Some Good Points

    Well, that didn’t take long – Facebook Home is already being parodied on YouTube, in a video which actually ends up making a few biting comments about the potential problems the new application will face. For example, will the promised monthly updates to Facebook Home end up confusing users as to the basics of how their phone operates? Where will the ads (you know they’re… Read More

  • It’s Not The Size Of The iPad That Matters, It’s The Motion Of The Ocean

    It’s Not The Size Of The iPad That Matters, It’s The Motion Of The Ocean

    Yes, we know that Apple is probably maybe releasing an iPad Mini soon. It’s not an iPhone, but larger. It’s not an iPad, but smaller. It’s…the Mini. Prepare yourself for thousands of parodies about the product, but this one is just too good not to post. It’s slightly NSFW in that suggestive way, but if you work somewhere where you can get in trouble for this… Read More

  • A Sneak Peek At The New Yahoo Home Page Redesign?

    A Sneak Peek At The New Yahoo Home Page Redesign?

    TechCrunch has obtained a secret copy of what may be a mockup for the new Yahoo home page. Yesterday, Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer shared her broad vision for the future of the Internet company with employees. According to AllThingsD, Mayer didn’t share specific plans for fixing search and email or an “in-process and dramatic home page redesign.” While ATD reporter… Read More

  • Ping Gets Its Own 'The Social Network' Parody

    From the very same Internet that brought you The Twitter Movie, The YouTube Movie, The Auction Site Movie and The Other Social Network Movie comes today’s Ping parody: Another Social Network Movie. Something tells me that people are just going to keep making these parodies of David Fincher’s The Social Network until they run out of websites. Can’t wait to see what people come… Read More

  • Video: ‘To Catch a Pirate’ is like ‘To Catch a Predator,’ only with pirates

    Another day, another fun video. Today’s is “To Catch a Pirate,” a clever parody of the hit American TV show that’s “devoted to the subject of identifying and detaining those who contact people they believe to be below the age of consent over the Internet for sexual liaisons.” Only this time, we’re dealing with filthy pirates. Software pirates, to be exact. Read More

  • (Parody) Video: The Smart Stitch portable sewing machine makes sweatshop labor fun again
    New Portable Sewing Machine Lets Sweatshop Employees Work On The Go It’s about time! A company in India has released something called the Smart Stitch that makes sewing pockets onto jeans a lot easier. The portable device means that workers in Indian textiles plants can literally take their work with them… Read More

  • Video: Lenovo's humorous take on the MacBook Air

    Lenovo pretty much sums up my opinion of the MacBook air in this very clever, very cheeky parody of that Air commercial you’ve been seeing for the last two months. In it, an Air is taken out of an manila envelope, just as Steve the Great did at MacWorld in January. Then, all the components it’s missing (optical drive, 3G wireless, etc.) are plugged into a hub, which is plugged into… Read More

  • One more thing: The Apple "i" See more funny videos at CollegeHumor The Apple “i” is Steve Jobs’ latest creation, following in the footsteps of Che Guevara and the printing press. Read More

  • Video: BigDog Beta

    And you thought BigDog was scary. Read More

  • DrDrew finds iPhone2… in his head

    Ganked from AppleCollection
    From BFF: Here it is, the iPhone2, in all it’s glory! Isn’t it the most spectacular device you’ve ever seen! It’s beauty is simply unmatched and matched only by itself. Words cannot
    describe the feelings of effervescence it bestows upon he who holds it. Never has a device offered the complete euphoria that is the iPhone2. It is truly the end… Read More

  • Dead iPod song

    A song about dead iPods featuring iJustine, who is apparently some sort of “elebrity.” Remember the folded card trick, kids. Don’t listen to these fools. Read More

  • Star Wars screen test Since we’re all about Star Wars this weekend, I thought I’d throw in a favorite video of mine from SNL. You love it! I know you do. Read More

  • Street Fighter: The Later Years – Part 8 The epic mini-series based on Capcom’s Street Fighter series made by the folks at College Humor is almost over. Here’s part one of a two-part conclusion. The previous seven installments can be found here. Read More

  • Macbook Air: Why the hell not? Yeah, fine. I’m a sucker for parody. via CH Read More

  • Halo 3 will ruin your life
    Blame Halo 3 – Watch more free videos Now that I’ve been reunited with my Xbox 360 and Halo 3, I’ll probably be singing the same tune. Read More

  • Major Burnage: zunePhone Parody Mocks Microsoft's Unstable Software, Poor Device Design, Late Launches

    Ooooh, that’s gotta sting! Hitting Microsoft right where it hurts. This is actually a pretty funny video. Rotary dial, Polaroid photos, lackluster battery life — it’s all here! zunePhone ad [YouTube] via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Read More