Microsoft rolls out LinkedIn integrations in Outlook.com

Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of business networking site LinkedIn is starting to pay off – at least in terms of product integrations that make sense. The company today announced t

Microsoft launches a faster, smarter Outlook.com into public beta

Microsoft is launching a new opt-in beta program for Outlook.com today that will give users access to a faster and more personalized email experience, as well as an overhauled design. Over the next f

Gmail For Android Gets Rich Text Formatting And Instant RSVPs

Google announced two small but useful updates for Gmail on Android today: rich text formatting and instant RSVPs. Rich text formatting has long been available for Gmail on the web, but this is the fir

Outlook.com Exits Preview With Office 365 Integration, Giphy Support, @Mentions & More

Microsoft announced today it’s beginning to roll out its new Office 365-powered version of Outlook.com to all users, following its launch into preview mode last year. Thanks to its deep integra

Inbox By Gmail Gets Smarter Search With Quick Answer Cards

Inbox by Gmail, Google's next-gen email client for mobile and the web, is getting a nice little update today that will make it easier to find information like addresses, membership numbers and package

Microsoft Will Warn Users About Suspected Attacks By Government Hackers

Microsoft users will now be notified if a state-sponsored attacker tries to break into their accounts, the company said in a blog post. The announcement comes the same day as a Reuters report that Mic

New Google Apps Feature Helps Businesses Keep Sensitive Information Out Of Emails

Google is launching a new privacy tool for Google Apps Unlimited users today. The new Data Loss Prevention feature will make it easier for businesses to make sure that their employees don’t

Gmail Will Soon Warn Users When Emails Arrive Over Unencrypted Connections

Soon, you may see a warning in Gmail that tells you that an email has arrived over an unencrypted connection. Gmail already defaults to using HTTPS for the connections between your browser and its

Gmail, We Need To Talk

Dear Gmail: Two years ago, you launched an ambitious endeavor with Schema.org to bring a new level of richness to email. Schema.org allowed senders to embed rich meta data in email that allowed any mo

Outlook.com Bests Gmail’s Filters With A New Inbox Automation System

Microsoft's Outlook.com announced a new method for users to create complex "rules" for how to handle email today -- think of them as akin to IFTTT recipes for your inbox -- along with a number of qual

Microsoft Builds New Tool To Help Gmail Users Move To Outlook.com

Microsoft would greatly appreciate it if you could knock off that Gmailing business and move to its Outlook.com email service. I refuse to, and so do more people than Microsoft prefers, so the company

Microsoft Updates Its Outlook.com Android App With Better Syncing, Storage, Colors And More

Today Microsoft announced an update to its Android Outlook.com application, including server-side search, improved offline mail storage, colors, vacation replies, and aliases. Outlook.com, a key proje

Microsoft Adds IMAP Support To Outlook.com To Entice Mac Users, Developers

Today Microsoft announced that it has added IMAP support to its Outlook.com webmail product. Outlook.com has over 400 million active users according to Microsoft, making it not only one of the most po

Microsoft Launches Preview Of Skype For Outlook.com

Microsoft <a target="_blank" href="http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-outlook/archive/2013/04/29/skype-comes-to-outlook-com.aspx">has announced </a>that it is launching a preview of Skype for Outlook

Outlook.com Calendar Gets A Visual Refresh With Improved Sharing Options And Social Integration

Microsoft’s web-based Outlook.com calendar is getting a visual refresh and a few new features today. With this update, the calendar now looks more like the rest of Microsoft’s online produ

Failed Firmware Update Caused The 16-Hour Outlook, Hotmail Outage

A routine sever firmware update resulted in an anything but routine outage for Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail. <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/03/12/microsoft-is-currently-experiencing-hotm

Microsoft Takes Outlook.com Out Of Preview, Starts Migrating Hotmail Users And Launches “Massive” New Marketing Campaign

Six months after its initial launch, the preview of <a target="_blank" href="http://Outlook.com">Outlook.com</a>, Microsoft's free webmail service that is meant to replace the aging Hotmail brand and

Microsoft Says Many Gmail Users Would Consider Switching To Outlook.com, Launches Android App, Conversation Threading & More

In typical Microsoft fashion, the company just announced a number of momentum numbers for Outlook.com and also launched quite a few new features for its web-based email service at the same time.

Microsoft’s Outlook.com Now Has 10 Million Users, SkyDrive Gets A New UI & Android App

Microsoft just <a target="_blank" href="http://windowsteamblog.com/skydrive/b/skydrive/">announced</a> that <a target="_blank" href="http://outlook.com">Outlook.com</a>, its well-received update to Ho

Burning Question: Is Outlook.com Just A Reskinned Version Of Hotmail? Not Exactly.

People want to know: is the new Outlook.com <a target="_blank" href="http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/2/3214680/outlook-just-a-re-skinned-hotmail">just a reskinned</a> and rebranded version of Microso