• The Outdoor Exchange Is Crowdfunding A Subscription-Based Lending Service For Outdoor Gear

    The Outdoor Exchange Is Crowdfunding A Subscription-Based Lending Service For Outdoor Gear

    Being an outdoor enthusiast can be expensive these days. With camping equipment, kayaks, binoculars, fishing gear, and of course, Dropcams to record your sweet bike stunts, the costs can really add up. And let’s face it, if you’re not spending every weekend in the great outdoors, is it really worth storing all that equipment in your own home? Newly launched startup The Outdoor… Read More

  • Gift Guide: The Tech-Loving Outdoors Enthusiast

    Gift Guide: The Tech-Loving Outdoors Enthusiast

    Technology and nature seem in constant conflict, but they can be better together. And tech enthusiasts aren’t by default mutually exclusive with people who love the outdoors, which is why we’ve put together a whole gift guide featuring stuff that scratches that techie itch but also should help you conquer (or live in peaceful harmony with, if that’s what you’re… Read More

  • AllTrails Partners With National Geographic, Launches Redesigned, Co-branded Website

    AllTrails Partners With National Geographic, Launches Redesigned, Co-branded Website

    AllTrails, the AngelPad and 500 Startups-backed company working to build the most comprehensive database of hiking, biking and camping trails around the world, is announcing a major partnership today with National Geographic. As a part of the deal, the AllTrails website is relaunching this morning with a brand-new redesign built from the ground up, and is co-branded with National… Read More

  • I Could Definitely Use This Fold-Out Field Kitchen

    While I feel there is a little danger of singing the wood in this Field Kitchen contraption, I love the idea. It’s the perfect size for a Colman stove, and they even sell two different kinds with it. Plus there’s room for silverware, plates, salt and pepper, the works. Unfortunately it’s also expensive as hell, but it’s free to look, right? Read More

  • Smart Helmet tells you if you hurt your brain

    Living in ski county, I hear every year about skiers and snowboarders that have sustained head injuries from crashing into trees, pylons, rocks, each other, etc.. There’s always a risk of head injury, and a smart person wears a helmet no matter what they are doing. Read More

  • Essential Gear for the Outdoor Photographer

    Now that winter is drawing to a close in most of the country (it’s still snowing here in the Sierra Nevadas), it’s time to think about getting out and taking more pictures. As a photography enthusiast, I know there’s a few things that I consider critical whenever I’m out shooting, things are I don’t leave home without. Read More

  • ColdAvenger mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air, sounds like a superhero

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s ColdAvenger! No! It’s a guy on skis wearing a ColdAvenger mask! He’s about to land on me! That fortune cookie was right! “You will fall on a ski hill and it’ll hurt enough that you’ll lay there for a little while looking up at the sky. Just when you’re about to stand up, some guy in a ColdAvenger mask will take the same jump… Read More

  • The 'Go Plate' facilitates outdoor food and beverage enjoyment

    Even though summer has been effectively cancelled for certain areas of the country, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy an all-American barbecue. You’ll just have to cook everything on the stove and eat inside. Just like summer, except more like winter! Read More

  • Well now, IKEA makes solar-powered lights

    What’s that dumb joke, something about “why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway”? That logic doesn’t really hold up when you’re looking at something like these solar-powered garden lights. They’re IKEA’s first such “solar” products, which means we’re in for a treat in the upcoming months as more and more goodies trickle out. Read More

  • Not iPhone: Cardboard toilet doubles as a sturdy stool

    Here’s a cardboard toilet. It’s called the Shit Box. I’m happy that it appears to only be available in the UK, brought to you by The Brown Corporation (get it?). The outfit’s tagline is “a solid company” (get it?). Each box comes packed flat at 14-inches square and there are 10 “poo bags” included. It also doubles as a stool – a stool… Read More

  • Outdoors retailer REI smitten with solar power, installs panels in several stores

    Hooray for the environment, maybe! REI, the outdoor retailer (“rei” is also “king” in “Portuguese,” but pronounced like the English “hay”), will place solar panels on 11 of its stores in the western U.S. The panels will generate as much as 35 percent of the stores’ energy—isn’t that great! As a (reluctant) city person, I have… Read More

  • Di Blasi Folding Trike: Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down, Oh Nooo!

    Having spent much of the past 10 years living in tiny apartments, I’ve often considered getting a folding bike, but most of them require way too much origami-like folding, don’t fold enough, or are impractically sized for regular use, especially for a large, human adult. The Di Blasi Folding Tricycle—the R32—however, is none of these things. Billed as the… Read More

  • Cheapo World Phone for Hazardous, Perilous Adventures!

    When the cannibals of Botswharia are boiling you in their giant cauldron, ready to remove your head from your body in preparation of their Lent feast, you’ll be super bummed that your fancy cellphone died hours before you will. That thing cost $200, and that was with a two year contract, dude! Take our advice, travel light. Use a phone like the National Geographic Global Cell Phone. Read More

  • CamelBak and Skullcandy Team Up For Some Backpack Convergence

    CamelBak, makers of all thing CamelBaky, have teamed up with Skullcandy for some serious backpack convergence with the M.U.L.E. SC10. The hydration bladder packs your liquid of choice, while Skullcandy pitched in with some iPod and phone controls. Simply plug your gadgets into a secret stash, and buttons built into the strap let you navigate your tracks and take calls. The neatest part, of… Read More

  • Why You, The Reader, Need This 68 LED Flashlight

    You need this 68-bulb LED flashlight, because you need people to see your light from over a mile away. You need it because it’s waterproof, so you can blind fishes. You need it because it’s ruggedized and because it has low-power consumption, so you can stay outdoors for 100,000 hours, which is good for any gadget nerd. You need it because you like the best in your gear, and… Read More