Smart Helmet tells you if you hurt your brain

Living in ski county, I hear every year about skiers and snowboarders that have sustained head injuries from crashing into trees, pylons, rocks, each other, etc.. There’s always a risk of head injury, and a smart person wears a helmet no matter what they are doing.

Of course, regardless of if you are wearing a helmet or not, if you crash, you run the risk of a head injury, and should be checked out for a concussion. Researchers at Northeastern University are working on a “Smart Helmet” that measures the acceleration and impact, and then reports any potential injury based on the force of the impact. This can help rescuers or even your friends help you in case of a crash.

The helmet is still in prototype, but hopefully will reach the market in some form, it really does have the chance to save lives.

[via Gizmodo]