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Will High Ping Issues Force Online Gaming Giants To Take On The ISP Industry?

The online gaming industry is scaling the new and unprecedented heights of success with each passing day -- and getting recognition in the face of e-sports worldwide. As the population of the gaming c

Deutsche Telekom Ups Its Game As New Global Publisher For Browser-Based Asterix Game

Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom took a step into mobile gaming with a <a target="_blank" href="

China's Online Game Market Surges; Set To Top $8 Billion By 2014

<img src="" />China's got game. A lot of game. In fact, the Eastern power is rapidly becoming the world's leader in the online games m

An early look at Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

If you groaned a groaning groan at the announcement that the PC version of Tiger Woods would be online-only, cheer up. I played around with the beta for a while yesterday and came away impressed.

Study suggests online is still the future of gaming

Despite all the hullabaloo (sp?) about online gaming taking the world by storm, there is still a huge amount of growth potential in the sector, at least in the US. Over the last year, a study shows, g