• The Makers Of Smartphone-Shot Feature Film Olive Hope To Rethink Movie Distribution

    The Makers Of Smartphone-Shot Feature Film Olive Hope To Rethink Movie Distribution

    Nine months ago, we wrote about Olive, whose makers hoped to make it the first feature-length film shot on a smartphone (specifically a Nokia N8 fitted with a special 35MM lens) that made it into movie theaters. Now, co-director Hooman Khalili says he has a different goal — he and his co-director Pat Gilles have rethought movie production, so they’re hoping to… Read More

  • Olive O6HD: An Audio Streaming System That Costs Quite A Bit

    Olive makes really nice, fairly expensive audio gear for audiophiles who still haven’t gone digital. While this is a shrinking market, I guess there are enough oldsters out there who still haven’t ripped their copy of A Farewell to Kings so this is for them. It’s basically a 2TB hard drive with built-in optical drive. You pop in a disk, it records the audio, and then plays… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy an Olive 4 or 4 HD and get Beatles Remastered

    So the guys at Olive really like you. We gave our free one away to Reader Fares but you guys can pick one up alongside a full 17-disc collection of Beatles hits just as quick as two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Here’s what’s going on: Buy any Olive 4 or Olive 4 HD by Monday, December 31th and get the remarkable, remastered Beatles 17-Disc collection FREE! This is the… Read More

  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Audiophile Gear

    The word “audiophile” gets bandied about so much that it seems in danger of losing its true meaning as a descriptor for a grade of products that is of such high quality that most of us can’t hope to afford then. But this year saw quite a few items blurring the line between audiophile and consumer audio, as higher-end components are finding their ways into… Read More