• The Zany 2006 Twitter Video Biz Stone Would Probably Rather Forget

    These days, thanks to its growing ubiquity in the media, nearly everyone knows what Twitter is. But back in 2006, when it was known as Twttr, a side project of the podcasting service Odeo, no one knew what it was. So co-founder Biz Stone made a video. As you can watch below in “Twttr 101,” dug up by Say OMG, Stone dresses up as some sort of crazy scientist with Harry Potter glasses… Read More

  • Odeo Giving It Another Go

    Odeo, a podcast directory founded in 2005 by Evan Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame that was acquired by SonicMountain over a year ago, has relaunched with a completely new design and slew of features. The biggest addition to the site is video. Odeo now features millions of syndicated audio and video episodes aggregated from over 500,000 channels. Odeo has partnered with major content… Read More

  • Odeo Acquires BlogDigger

    Odeo has acquired blog search engine BlogDigger for an undisclosed sum. BlogDigger launched in 2003 as a competitor to the then dominant Technorati, and launched a locally focused search facility in 2005. The site offers standard blog search, and unlike Technorati has constantly focused on its core product. For the new Odeo (formerly SonicMountain) this is their second acquisition in just over… Read More

  • Odeo (Formerly SonicMountain) Acquires FireAnt

    If you know who FireAnt is, you either love podcasts or you’re a long time reader of this blog. The company built up a cult following in 2005 and 2006 as the podcast directory and player, and competed head on with Evan Williams’ Odeo for mindshare and users. FireAnt’s assets were acquired by Odeo for $400,000, they companies will announce today. Not the old Odeo, but… Read More

  • Breaking: Odeo Acquired By SonicMountain

    Details are just coming out, but New York based SonicMountain, a new startup, has acquired Evan Williams’ Odeo. The announcement will come sometime tomorrow. The price is not being disclosed but is in excess of $1 million, and the deal was all cash. Odeo was publicly put on sale last February. The company was bought back from investors late last year. Twitter is no longer part of Odeo… Read More

  • Odeo Put Up for Sale

    Evan Williams, the man who co-founded blogger.com foundation Pyra Labs with Meg Hourihan, has put his beleaguered product Odeo up for sale.  Odeo is a consumer facing audio service that’s been remarkably high profile about its struggles over the past year; Williams discussed mistakes candidly and bought the company back from investors in October.  The site continues to get… Read More

  • Odeo Bought Back From Investors

    Odeo as we know it is gone. After announcing itself in February 2005, the company raised a $5 million venture financing with Charles River Ventures and a bevy of angel investors. After a private beta period, the company launched in July 2005. It’s now a little over a year later and Odeo now faces dozens of competitors, including iTunes. Founder Evan Williams has spoken publicly about… Read More

  • Audioblogger Joins DeadPool

    Odeo’s Audioblogger, which allowed users to post audio to a blogger.com blog via a telephone call, is being shut down as of November 1 and will enter the DeadPool. Existing files will continue to be hosted. As much as I’ve questioned Odeo’s ADD business (un)focus in the past (see last paragraph here), I have to say that this is probably a smart move and not necessarily a sign… Read More

  • Odeo Releases Twttr

    Odeo released a new service today called Twttr, which is a sort of “group send” SMS application. Each person controls their own network of friends. When any of them send a text message to “40404,” all of his or her friends see the message via sms. This launched officially today, and a few select insiders were playing with the service at the Valleyschwag party in San… Read More

  • YackPack Joins the Click, Record Crowd

    YackPack is one of a growing group of companies (see our recent Odeo post for the list) that is allowing consumers to easily create a quick recording to share with friends. It’s still in private beta, although you can get a good understanding of the service by watching the how-to video they’ve created. Barb Dybwad likes the effort YackPack has put into creating a very simple… Read More

  • Odeo Disappoints

    My patience with Odeo has run out. The first time I wrote about Odeo was on June 13, 2005. The service actually launched on June 22, about the time that iTunes 4.9 was released and hit the podcasting world like a ton of bricks. Odeo had tools to listen and sync, and a directory (iTunes, iTunes,and iTunes), but lacked the feature that everyone was looking forward to: the podcast creator. It was… Read More

  • Odeo launches dashboard widget

    The guys at Odeo have just launched a Dashboard widget for mac users who want to listen to their podcasts straight from their desktop. Due to its nature it is OSX Tiger only – even though with Yahoo Widgets it shouldn’t be much work to have something going for Windows too – but if you run it on your machine, make sure you check it out. It’s always good to see… Read More

  • Profile: Odeo (Update)

    Editor’s Note: We apologize if the following profile lacks our usual excitement and enthusiasm. Odeo is great and works really well. We just have a funny feeling that iTunes 4.9 is going to have a somewhat substantial impact on the podcasting portal market. One thing to note, though, is that iTunes is only most of the online music market, not all of it. Odeo and others can help fill in… Read More

  • Odeo Profile

    Company: Odeo Location: San Francisco Status: Private Beta

    What is it? Odeo will be a a podcast service that lets users search, find, and subscribe to podcasts, as well as a tool to create your own podcasts with minimal hardware. Odeo is built on Rails. In their own words, “Hi. We’re Odeo (pronounced like rodeo). Somewhere in an apartment in San Francisco, we’re making it… Read More