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Editor’s Note: We apologize if the following profile lacks our usual excitement and enthusiasm. Odeo is great and works really well. We just have a funny feeling that iTunes 4.9 is going to have a somewhat substantial impact on the podcasting portal market. One thing to note, though, is that iTunes is only most of the online music market, not all of it. Odeo and others can help fill in the gaps.

Company: Odeo

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What’s New?

Lots of Odeo beta invites went out today, and TechCrunch received one. We signed up. We did things. Everything worked, except the “create podcast”, which they told us up front wouldn’t work.

In their own words, “Odeo consists of three major parts: A catalog of audio content, of all types, which is constantly being added to. The Odeo Syncr, which let’s you download anything in the catalog (and, optionally, put it on your MP3 player). And creation tools, including the Odeo Studio, which let you publish your own audio content, which will then show up in the catalog. (The creation tools aren’t already for public use yet, though.)”

Key additional information:

– 6.3 meg syncr download (allows easy syncing with mp3 players, auto adding, etc.)
– very hokey welcome message from Biz Stone
– nice tools for finding/searching for podcast “channels” and adding them to your subscription
– “create podcast” features remain unlaunched.
– syncer works great

My wish list – auto delete option after listening to a show (from the mp3 player)

Screen Shots:

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