YackPack Joins the Click, Record Crowd

YackPack is one of a growing group of companies (see our recent Odeo post for the list) that is allowing consumers to easily create a quick recording to share with friends.

It’s still in private beta, although you can get a good understanding of the service by watching the how-to video they’ve created.

Barb Dybwad likes the effort YackPack has put into creating a very simple user interface. I agree that a child could use it, but I don’t think the walled-garded functionality will ultimately be popular.

Other minor annoyances with the service: I was forced to give up too much personal information to register (such as my zip code and birth date), you can’t edit a sound file before you send it, and you cannot access the actual sound files you record – they must be listened to at the site.

YackPack plans to provide a free, ad supported service along with a premium option for “well under $10/month“. They are also giving away a limited supply of free microphones.