MyHeritage debuts, offering access to millions of historical newspaper pages

MyHeritage announced today that it’s launching, a new website that offers access to thousands of historical newspapers, mainly from the 1800s and 1900s. The website includes articles

Pew: Social media for the first time tops newspapers as a news source for US adults

It’s not true that everyone gets their news from Facebook and Twitter. But it is now true that more U.S. adults get their news from social media than from print newspapers. According to a new re

Google’s DNI fund puts €24M into 124 news projects across Europe

Google’s ongoing effort to fix its reputation in the world of publishing in Europe took another step forward today. The Digital News Initiative, a group formed by the search giant to explore,

Pew: younger people actually prefer reading the news to watching it

Well, great news for all those media publishers investing in video in hopes of better catering to young adults: a new study released this week from the Pew Research Center found that younger people

The New York Times Debuts Free Digital Day Passes For Its Newsstand Customers

The New York Times is today launching a new initiative aimed at converting those who occasionally buy a printed newspaper into digital customers: it's offering, for the first time ever, a digital "day

Publisher Schibsted Nabs Twitter Analytics Manager To Be Its Head Of Data Science

As traditional publishers continue to look for the best way forward in a rapidly changing media landscape dominated by web giants like Google and Facebook and newer platforms like mobile, Scandinavia&

Digital News Finally As Popular As Newspapers In The UK

Reports of the death of print have been greatly accelerated, judging by research from UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom. The research has found that in the UK digital news, consumed via apps or the Internet,

Uncoverage Hopes To Crowdfund Investigative Journalism, Because Newspapers

Israel Mirsky likes to give the following analogy about the role of journalism in a democracy: a free society can only function if it has a strong immune system. Investigative journalists serve as the

Scripps Buys Newsy For $35M To Expand From TV And Newspapers To Digital Video

Another exit for a new media startup into the arms of the old media industry: <a target="_blank" href="">E.W. Scripps</a>, the storied owner of 19 local television stations and

Financial Times: Our Digital Subscribers Now Outnumber Print, And Digital Is Half Of The FT’s Revenue

A milestone reached as the world of old media continues its push in a digital direction: the storied, pink-sheeted daily newspaper the <a target="_blank" href="">Financial Times</a>,

Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

It’s been said before, but it needs saying again (and again and again): PRINT IS DEAD. Across the publishing industry, year-over-year declines in revenue, subscriptions and circulation, are well doc

Meet Philly’s New Android-Powered Newspaper: The Arnova 10 G2

The Philadelphia Media Network has had an ambitious summer: in July, the company announced their intention to sell subsidized Android tablets with subscriptions to the digital editions of Philly's two

Students Put Out An Issue Of The School Paper Using Tools Of Yore

Remember film? Remember when "cut and paste" actually involved scissors and glue? Remember when typewriters didn't have a <i>1</i> key? Probably not, right? I'm old and I barely even remember that stu

New York Times Still Treading Water With Digital Subcriptions

How is the New York Times doing with the new digital <a href="">paywall</a> it put up last March? We found out a f

Apple's Digital Newsstand Just Disrupted The Publishing Industry

<img src=""> How much pricing power exactly does Apple have over publishers desperate to figure out a digital strategy that results in

Despite Pushback From Pubs, Apple Will Make iTunes Subscription Billing Mandatory

<img src=""> When Rupert Murdoch's <em>The Daily</em> launched last week, Apple's VP Eddy Cue got on stage to announce <a href="https://techc

Warning Stickers For Newspapers

<img src=""> If newspapers came with warning labels, they might look something like the ones <a href="

It's Hard To Watch The Newsosaurs Turn A Blind Eye To Their Own Extinction

<img src=""> Sometimes it is obvious where the world is headed, but some people and industries become frozen in place and time. The

Entourage eDGe electronic reader adds PressDisplay newspapers: Read Marca from wherever!

<img src="" />Another day, another electronic book reader not called the <a HREF="">nook</a>or <

Google's Chief Economist: "Newspapers Have Never Made Much Money From News"

<img src="" alt="" /> Earlier today, Google chief economist <a href="">Hal Vari
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