Entourage eDGe electronic reader adds PressDisplay newspapers: Read Marca from wherever!

Another day, another electronic book reader not called the nookor Kindlegets a content deal. The Entourage eDGe has signed a deal with Newspapers Direct, giving it access to papers like The Daily Mail, Marca(!), and The Washington Post. This is a great day for people who were waiting to read Real Madrid gossip on the eDGe.

The deal works via the Web site PressDisplay.com, which used to have a sponsorship deal with World Football Daily (well, World Soccer Daily at the time), a fine podcast based here in the good ol’ USA. You go to the site, and you get to pick and choose from among 1,500 titles. The way it was sold on World Football Daily was, read the sports papers from your favorite leagues around the world! It was pretty neat, actually, but a $30 monthly subscription to anything online almost seems excessive.

That’s pretty much it. I do think the hard reality of electronic book readers these days is, unless you’re the nook or Kindle, you might as well not exist. Not that they’re the end-all, be-all, but because they’re backed by book-selling giants.

via Shiny Shiny

UPDATE I’d be remiss to not point out that PressDisplay has other subscription options in addition to the $29.95/month all you can eat one. You could simply pay $0.99 per issue of whatever (which is actually cheaper than buying the hard copy at the newsstand), or you can go with a $9.95/month, which gets you 31 issues of whatever. That’s a much better deal if you’re only looking to read a few issues of this or that newspaper per month. Also, new pics up there; the other ones were outdated.