• The iPad And Chrome OS Netbooks Are On A Collision Course

    “We don’t know how to build a $500 computer that’s not a piece of junk.” “Netbooks aren’t better at anything.” Those two quotes are both from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The first was during an earnings call in late 2008 when Jobs fielded a question about why Apple wasn’t cutting prices amid the rising success of netbooks. The second came on Wednesday… Read More

  • Laptop Mag's cornucopia of system ratings is really quite thorough

    We all know by now that HPis the largest PC seller out there. Good for HP. But when you’re shopping for your next system, it helps to know how Brand A compares to Brand X. Our friends at Laptop Magazine have done just that, and put together a series showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of this brand versus that brand. Best part: regular users—like you!—are invited to give… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony W netbook for $299

    If you can stomach a pink netbook, the Microsoft Store is selling the Sony VAIO W for $299 when using coupon code MSStore-PC-40% – the regular price is $499, officially making this a wheel of a deal. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Inspiron 11z for $475

    This model of Dell’s Inspiron 11z series packs a 1.3GHz Intel SU4100 low-voltage CPU for a little more get-up-and-go than your standard Atom chip. It’s also got 4GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, and an 11.6-inch screen at 1366×768 resolution. Read More

  • Review: Sony VAIO X Series Notebook PC

    Short Version: It’s got an Atom CPU and it starts at $1300. That being said, Sony’s X Series is one of the coolest computers I’ve ever used. Read More

  • Video: Quick hands-on with the Lenovo Skylight

    [ Lenovo’s Snapdragon-based Skylight smartbook is here at CES (see previous coverage). It’s light – really light. I didn’t have too much time to actually test out anything substantial but the physical design is certainly different enough to draw some attention. I couldn’t get a more firm release date than… Read More

  • Woot! Refurbished Gateway LT3103 netbook with six-cell battery for $270

    Oh Gateway LT3103, you bucked the netbook trend all the way into our hearts with the inclusion of the AMD Athlon 64 L110 CPU and ATI Radeon graphics. Now you are being refurbished and sold for just $270 with a six-cell battery and 2GB of RAM. Read More

  • Acer's Aspire One officially gets a little spec bump

    Hold on to your hats, folks! It’s a doozy. Wait… I’m being told it’s actually a minor, but significant, change to an Acer Netbook, and one we already heard about. Sorry. Well, as long as you’re here: it seems that the popular Acer Aspire One, a perfectly decent netbook if I ever saw one, is going to be sporting the new Atom N450 processor. This is the newest Atom… Read More

  • Pine Trail equipped Acer 532h netbook specs leak for all to see

    In my humble opinion, conventional wisdom should dictate that any netbook that’s still sporting a 1024×600 resolution should be overlooked immediately. We make an exception today for Acer’s 10.1-inch 532h, which features Intel’s upcoming N450 “Pine Trail” chipset sporting a 1.66GHz Atom CPU. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony VAIO W netbook for $375 (it’s pink, though)

    If you like pink, you can save a heap on Sony’s 10.1-inch VAIO W netbook. The Microsoft Store is selling it for just $374.25 with free shipping. The same netbook is available in white for $499. Read More

  • Quick Look: Sony VAIO X Series notebook

    The 1.5-pound, half-inch thick Sony VAIO X Series notebook is easily one of the most impressive portable computers I’ve seen in quite some time. I can’t convey how light it is. It seems to defy logic. My brain doesn’t understand that it’s seeing my hand hold up an 11.1-inch notebook that weighs less than half of what most other notebooks its size weigh. Read More

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