Remember Netbooks? Yeah, Lenovo Has Stopped Selling Them Online

Wow. Netbooks. That’s a blast from the past. It’s like listening to a Maroon 5 song again and going “Wait, is that from that short period when they were ostensibly good or was it from the muddy period after that single about the beauty queen eighteen woman or whatever?” Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Netbooks are the Maroon 5 of electronics: still vaguely recognized but quickly losing value.

Anyway, Lenovo has stopped selling netbooks online, citing good sales traffic for the K1 and A1 tablets. The 11-inch X130e netbook is out of stock and probably won’t be stocked again. PC World notes that netbooks accounted for 6.8 percent of PC sales in fourth quarter last year.

While netbook zealots squawk about the value of a “low cost laptop with a keyboard,” the truth is that a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard will give you a more specialized and smoother experience than any copy of Windows shoehorned onto a processor with the speed and processing power of a particularly energetic blender.

I doubt even Chrome OS will save this sinking space, but bless Google for trying.