Sony Vaio Y Series Netbook Drops To 11.6 Inches

Netbooks… they still make those? I thought tablets killed ‘em a little while back. Meh, whatever. Sony has another one due out before the holidays, only it’ll be released in Japan before it’s released elsewhere. The Vaio Y series, which actually debuted at the beginning of the year at 13.3 inches, will now live life as a happy, productive 11.6 incher. (Though the old 13.3 incher should still be available.)

The stats aren’t bad. It’s got an i3-380 (unlike, say, the MacBook Air’s Core 2 Duo) running at 1.33GHz, anywhere from 2GB to 8GB of memory, and storage of 320GB. I suppose you’d want an SSD these days, but that probably depends on how you’re going to use the laptop. Oh, and the display is 1366×768.

Sony hasn’t said how much it costs, nor when it’ll be available outside of Japan.