The Ring Floodlight Cam is an outdoor security slam dunk

A good home security camera is easy to install while offering surprising peace of mind. The Ring Floodlight Cam, $249 and available now, offers both. The camera mounts where your old floodlight would

Netatmo launches a chatbot to manage all your connected devices

French company Netatmo is adding one more way to control your smart objects around your house. You can now talk and control with all your connected devices using a chatbot in Messenger. The feature is

Netatmo is trying really hard to make the smart home happen

French hardware company Netatmo is announcing a bunch of new products for your home. Interestingly, some of these products go beyond the usual connected lightbulbs and cameras. With a brand new approa

Become that nosy neighbor you always wanted to be with the Netatmo Presence

There’s a fine line between security and being creepy and I think the Netatmo Presence is on the right side of things. This porch light/security camera melds the best of an automatic LED floodli

Netatmo launches an indoor climate monitor

Netatmo launches valves to turn your dumb, dumb radiator into a smart one

Turning your good old radiator into a connected, smart radiator could be a dream of yours. Imagine being able to control the temperature of each radiator individually without having to move from the c

Netatmo’s security camera now conveniently uploads videos to Dropbox

Netatmo keeps improving the Netatmo Welcome, its indoor security camera, with <a target="_blank" href="">software updates</a>. The company just added Dropbo

Netatmo launches new platform to make smart objects talk to each other

French startup <a target="_blank" href="">Netatmo</a> just introduced a new developer platform called <a target="_blank" href="

Netatmo Makes Outdoor Security Cameras Suck Less

<a target="_blank" href="">Netatmo</a> just announced the Netatmo Presence, a new smart outdoor security camera packed with actually useful features. In particular, this camera

Netatmo, France’s Answer To Nest, Raises $32M To Build Its Smart Home Business

France has developed something of a name for itself as a center for IoT startups, and today another mover and shaker in the space is making some waves. Netatmo, a Paris-based designer of stylish conne

Weathernews Partners With Paris-Based Netatmo To Power Its Crowdsourced Forecasts

Weathernews Inc. Japan, the owner of Sunnycomb and Weathermob apps, is striking a new partnership with Paris-based Netatmo to use data from its home weather sensors for crowdsourced forecasts.

British Gas Buys UK Smart Home Pioneer AlertMe In $100M Deal

The connected home may still be a distant mirage for most average consumers, but in the meantime the technology is becoming big business. Today, British Gas announced it will buy AlertMe, a develop

France’s Netatmo Raises $5.8M To Extend The Reach Of Its Connected Weather Station