Netatmo launches an indoor climate monitor

Netatmo’s first device was a sophisticated weather station. But it’s not for everyone. Chances are you don’t need to know the historical trend when it comes to the humidity in your house. That’s why the company is releasing the Healthy Home Coach, an indoor device that lets you see stats about your home at a glance.

In many ways, the Healthy Home Coach looks similar to the indoor module of the weather station. But it comes with a new mobile app that focuses on quick glanceable information — and it doesn’t have an outdoor weather module. You won’t get inundated with numbers, you’ll just see if your home is doing fine right now.

The device tracks four things — indoor air quality, humidity, temperature and noise. Air quality in particular is something that many weather stations don’t offer yet. Being able to see whether you should open your windows for a few minutes could be useful.

Finally, you can set up different profiles. For instance, you can make your device more sensitive by saying that a baby or a child with asthma sleeps in this room.

The Healthy Home Coach will cost $99. If you want, you can buy multiple devices for multiple rooms. It is available today. It’s pretty cool to see that Netatmo is launching many new devices, solidifying its reputation as a solid French hardware startup.

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