Netatmo’s security camera now conveniently uploads videos to Dropbox

Netatmo keeps improving the Netatmo Welcome, its indoor security camera, with software updates. The company just added Dropbox support so that your camera can upload videos directly to your private Dropbox.

The two key features behind the Netatmo Welcome is that it can recognize faces directly on the device. For instance, you could get a push notification on your phone when your partner comes home. Face recognition gets better over time and lets you selectively set up push notifications and save videos. There are some nice consequences as well as Netatmo can go into alert mode if an unknown person enters your home.

The second key feature is that Netatmo doesn’t store any video on its servers. You don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription, and the company doesn’t see your home. When you’re away from your home, the camera sends video feeds directly to your phone using your home connection and an encrypted protocol. If you care about privacy, that’s nice.

But what if somebody steals your camera or takes the microSD card? Then you don’t have any footage of the incident. That’s why Netatmo added Dropbox support to avoid these unfortunate situations.

When the camera sees an unknown person, it can upload the video to your Dropbox account so you can retrieve it later, even without the camera. If you want to save something cute, you can still download a video on your phone and save it in your camera roll.

Also new today, Netatmo Tags are finally available and shipping. You can buy three tags for $99. These waterproof sensors can alert you when somebody opens your door or windows.