OpenTable Buys Ness For $17.3M To Beef Up Mobile And Restaurant Recommendations

Restaurant reservation platform <a target="_blank" href="">OpenTable</a>, gearing up to announce its earnings <a target="_blank" href="

Restaurant Recommendation Engine Ness Now Helps Groups Decide Where To Eat, Adds Support For Web & Android Users Too

Restaurant recommendations service <a target="_blank" href="">Ness</a> has been steadily improving upon on its technology which helps you find the best place to eat based on

With Its Biggest Update Yet, Ness Debuts Instant, Personalized Restaurant Recommendations, Says Events, Nightlife Are Next

Ness, the restaurant recommendations app that uses social data combined with machine-learning techniques to offer personalized suggestions, has released the next major version of its application today

Ness Nabs $15M From AmEx And SingTel To Expand Data-Driven, Personalized Search To Other Verticals

<a target="_blank" href="">Ness Computing</a>, a startup that has developed a highly personalized, data-driven search engine, has raised $15 million in Series B funding led by

Ness, The Restaurant Discovery App, Adds Crucial Mapping Feature

I made heavy use of <a href="">Ness</a>'s restaurant-finding iOS app during a recent trip through the East Coast, because lots of places are still sadly short on Yelp reviews,

Ness Serves Up Their First Personal Search App Catering To Restaurant Discovery

Last night I went out to dinner. But I didn't pick where I was going, Ness did. The place was good. Score one for Ness. We previously covered <a href="">Ness Computing</a> in Ju

With $5 Million In Their Pockets, Ness Has Quietly Built A Subjective Search Engine

For the past 18 months, <a href="">Ness Computing</a> has been very quietly working on some new technology that they believe will be the next big thing in search. It's a new, highly