Tapping Nas’ former fund manager, Manhattan Venture Partners launches MVP All-Star fund

Rashaun Williams, a former fund manager at QueensBridge Venture Partners, the venture capital firm made famous by the hip-hop legend Nas, has joined boutique merchant bank Manhattan Venture Partners t

This startup just got $4 million to get you to eat more bugs

Gross? Well, that gross idea just pulled in a $4 million Series A round from AccellFoods, existing investor Collaborative Fund and a bunch of angels including Nas and Tim Ferriss. The team behind the

Matternet To Test The First Real Drone Delivery System In Switzerland

The Swiss postal service, Swiss Post, is going to attempt drone deliveries for the first time ever using Matternet, a company working on perfecting drone-based delivery systems. The first tests will h

Product Hunt Wins Best New Startup Of 2014

Product Hunt, the online community where members submit and vote up the best new tech products, has been taking the industry by storm as founders, investors, early adopters and other tech enthusiasts

Consolidation Heats Up In Subscription Economy, As Quarterly Buys Celeb-Endorsed Rival 12Society

Today, TechCrunch has learned that <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, a subscription giftbox service that features monthly instalments curated by respected entrepreneurs

Backed By Rapper Nas, Urban Culture-Focused Media Company Mass Appeal Raises $1.2M

<a target="_blank" href="">Mass Appeal</a>, a joint venture that's both reviving the Broolyn-based, graffiti-focused magazine of the same name and also moving into online cont

12Society: A Lifestyle Site Curated & Co-founded By Stars Like Nick Cannon, Nas And Tim Lincecum

Since announcing its private beta in March, <a target="_blank" href="">12society</a> has been in stealth mode, quietly building a star studded roster of co-founders and curato

Up Close With The Updated Iomega ix2 NAS Drive

NAS drives are getting smarter and smarter, and the Iomega ix2 is no exception. Priced at $400 for 1TB, this compact drive is actually more of a mini-computer and features "apps" that allow it to beco

Pogoplug Debuts New Hardware For Streaming To Mobile Devices

Cloud Engines, Inc., makers of the <a href="">Pogoplug</a> line of devices and accompanying software, are launching a new hardware product today called <a href="http://www.pogo

Review: Addonics NAS 3.0 Adapter

<img src="" />We reviewed <a href="">Addonics</a>'s first <a href="http://

PogoPlug Now With Less Plug

<img src="" /><a href="">PogoPlug</a>, the host-it-yourself file sharing appliance, has

Seagate Stuffs 12TB Into The 4-Bay BlackArmor NAS 440

<img src="">Do you need a lot of storage? I mean, an amount that can be officially described as a shit-ton? But the

Seagate's GoFlex Home is a ever-so-slightly more convenient NAS

<img src="" />You probably remember the <a href="

Plextor has a NAS of its own in the PX-NAS2

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Plextor</a>, Plextor... Seems they have a new Network Attached Story for yo

Buffalo Japan to release four new SSDs, six HDDs and two NASes

<img src="" /> Buffalo announced a slew of new <a href="">SSDs</a> [JP]

myDitto NAS designed to be simple, easy to use

<img src="" />Technology can be difficult to use, particularly things like home servers. Dane-Elec plans to make setting

PogoPlug update adds new sharing and backup features

<img src="" />The <a href="">PogoPlug</a> storage sharing solution sees a new firmware version

Review: Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station

Short Version: We now have so much storage in our homes that we could probably, each of us, start our own Rapidshare service. But how do we get all that data to the other machines on our network or, b

Quick look: iOmega iConnect Wireless Data Station

<img src="">Ever since <a HREF="">Iomega</a> announced the iConnect Wireless at <a HREF="

Review: Netgear Stora

Short Version: Hard drives that claim to do it all are a dime-a-dozen. Finally, however, I’ve found one that delivers on those claims.
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