• We Were Just Kidding About Cutting You Off. Also, We're Still For Sale.

    We don’t know what is going on over at Nambu, but it doesn’t smell good. Today, just days after shutting down and saying all support would cease at the end of the year, killing all the links shortened with the service, they have reversed course. “Nambu will keep operating going forward, indefinitely, while we continue to consider our options in regards to… Read More

  • Are Social Network Aggregators The New Cheese?

    Here’s a question that’s been running through my head ever since Michael posted about FriendFeed being in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: exactly how many startups out there are trying to be the one social networking service aggregator to rule them all, and how many is enough? It seems like every day startups come up with new applications, be it for desktop, Web… Read More