• Upstart MVNO Doodad Launches Its Dead-Simple International Data Service For Phones And Tablets

    Upstart MVNO Doodad Launches Its Dead-Simple International Data Service For Phones And Tablets

    I don’t often cover MVNOs around these parts because, well, most of them are boring. Doodad is considerably less so since it’s one that I’d (gasp!) actually consider using — hell, I could’ve used it back during the final days of our MWC coverage when I was nearly stuck in Spain. The big idea here is that it isn’t one of those MVNOs that’ll get you… Read More

  • Nokia to start its own cellphone service in Japan next year

    Nokia will create its own cellphone service in Japan, piggybacking on NTT Docomo’s infrastructure there. That’s right, it’ll be a VMNO. (Those have done so well…) It’s scheduled to launch in the springtime. Nokia is expected to use the service to market its high-end phones, presumably including its N96. Read More

  • How Disney Mobile Is Succeeding In Japan (After Failing In the U.S.)

    Disney embarked on a cellular phone business in the US as early as June 2006 but pulled the plug at the end of last year, citing delays in the spread of 3G networks as the major reason. In March this year, Disney carried out another attempt, but this time in Japan, where the brand has been super-popular for decades now. Disney Japan teamed up with local telecom conglomerate SoftBank to become… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile to acquire Helio, says FT

    Let’s be honest. We’ve seen this coming for more than a month now and the Financial Times is reporting that VM and Helio could announce sometime this week that the two MVNOs will merge leaving SK Telecom with a 20 percent stake. There have been rumors floating around that Helio stores will shut their doors in an effort to cut costs, which we haven’t been able to confirm nor… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile offers enticing $79.99 unlimited plan

    Yama hama, look what Virgin Mobile just did. Starting July 1st you can get on the company’s new “Totally Unlimited” plan for $79.99 per month (no contract required), which includes unlimited voice minutes. For $10 more per month, you can get “Unlimited Text & Messaging, with texting, IM, email and picture messages.” If you’re a big talker and you… Read More

  • Rumor that won't die: Virgin Mobile to bid for Helio to make best MVNO ever?

    We’ve heard weirder rumors about the future of Helio, our favorite MVNO, but this one’s got some interesting aspects to it. The buzz is that Virgin Mobile is looking to pick up Helio and merge the services, and in some ways the idea makes sense. Virgin is the leading MVNO for low-end handsets. They sell utilitarian phones and services to people who just make calls. You can buy… Read More

  • UPDATED: MVN-whoa! Virgin Mobile might lay off 300 people

    [Please see the update at the end of this post.] According to VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall, the US division of Virgin Mobile is considering the layoffs in the face of poor stock performance. Those affected would come mostly from the Northern California offices in Walnut Creek along with some marketing and sales people in New Jersey. Read More

  • Video: Eco123 demonstrates weird MVNO service Biggs is working on a longer piece on what exactly these folks have to offer, but this happens to be one of the services. We’re not entirely… Read More

  • Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

    Helio has once again dropped the price of their unlimited plan down to $99 from $145. You know the drill. Now drop on by your nearest store and take advantage while you can. The Ocean and Mysto are great choices in case you needed some advice on a handset. Helio Read More

  • Exclusive: Helio Mysto outed

    Look what I found today. The first official pics of the Mysto from Helio. The CDMA version of the U600, of course. Ain’t she a beaut? No word on specs or release date, but it’ll run $150. Can’t wait for this slick slider to make its way into my hands. Wondering where I found this gem? I’ll never tell. Read More

  • Helio adds TV Guide app, my laziness gets worse

    As if I need another reason to not leave the couch this winter other than it being cold. Helio has gone and added a TV Guide app and I feel myself getting squishier. A 30-day rental is $2.99 and you can even forward TV listings to a friend in case you think they’re interested in watching ___________ (Some dumb show only you like. Heh.). A few more screen shots after the jump. Thanks, Helio. Read More