‘De-Googled’ smartphone company Murena launches own-brand mobile network

Murena, a French startup that sells “de-Googled” smartphones replete with its own flavor of Android, is launching an own-brand mobile network as it throws its hat into the fast-growing mob

The Humane touch: More MVNOs are being minted than ever

Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile exited to T-Mobile for $1.35 billion last year, and Sam Altman-backed “Ai Pin” startup Humane launched a pricey little device with a $24 monthly subscripti

A ‘Stripe for phone plans’: Gigs raises $20M to help any company be an MVNO

A new startup wants to make it easier for any company to sell phone and data plans as part of their own branded mobile network subscriptions — and to help, it has secured the backing of big-name

Cubic Telecom gets $46.5M to connect cars and other devices globally

As automakers ramp up their connected car initiatives, a company that has built a solution to link vehicles up to mobile networks globally has raised a significant round of funding from a group of inv

Soracom, an IoT platform provider based in Japan, scores $22M to break into the U.S. market

Soracom, a Tokyo-based startup that provides a communication platform for developers of connected devices, announced today that it has raised a 2.4 billion yen (about $22 million) Series B from World

You can now sign up for Google’s Project Fi cell service without an invite

You can now sign up for Project Fi, Google’s first foray into offering its own cell phone service, without an invite. The service, which launched ten months ago, was an invite-only project un

Swytch Gets Its U.K. Burner Mobile Number Business Up And Running

U.K. startup Swytch, a cloud based mobile network and dialer app, has finally launched its Android and iOS apps today, offering users the ability to run multiple U.K. phone numbers off a single SIM.

Apple Denies Making Plans To Be A Wireless Carrier

A fair amount of folks reported yesterday that Apple was testing its own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), to become, in essence, a mobile carrier while borrowing components from other carriers.

Google’s Project Fi Invites To Reach Everyone By Mid-Summer

Project Fi, Google's recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service, appears to have a lot of demand - or at least, that's what an email sent out to potential customers seems to i

As Acquisition Rumors Swirl, Free Mobile Service FreedomPop Goes Live In The UK

FreedomPop, the mobile carrier that gives away mobile, data and text services and upsells users on other services, is today announcing its first international launch outside of the U.S. The company

Facebook Testing Caller Id App “Hello” | Crunch Report

On today’s Crunch Report, Google announces Project Fi cell service, what your favorite apps will look like on Apple Watch, Makerbot’s uncertain future, and Facebook’s user base is

Why Google’s Plan To Sell Wireless Probably Doesn’t Scare Network Providers

Google is gearing up to sell wireless service directly to customers as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), by acquiring excess network capacity from Sprint and T-Mobile and reselling it to custo

Upstart MVNO Doodad Launches Its Dead-Simple International Data Service For Phones And Tablets

I don't often cover MVNOs around these parts because, well, most of them are boring. <a target="_blank" href="">Doodad</a> is considerably less so since it's one that I'd (g

Nokia to start its own cellphone service in Japan next year

Nokia will create its own cellphone service in Japan, piggybacking on NTT Docomo’s infrastructure there. That’s right, it’ll be a VMNO. (Those have done so well…) It’s sc

How Disney Mobile Is Succeeding In Japan (After Failing In the U.S.)

Disney embarked on a cellular phone business in the US as early as June 2006 but pulled the plug at the end of last year, citing delays in the spread of 3G networks as the major reason. In March this

Virgin Mobile to acquire Helio, says FT

Let’s be honest. We’ve seen this coming for more than a month now and the Financial Times is reporting that VM and Helio could announce sometime this week that the two MVNOs will merge leaving SK

Virgin Mobile offers enticing $79.99 unlimited plan

Yama hama, look what Virgin Mobile just did. Starting July 1st you can get on the company’s new “Totally Unlimited” plan for $79.99 per month (no contract required), which includes unlimited voi

Rumor that won't die: Virgin Mobile to bid for Helio to make best MVNO ever?

We’ve heard weirder rumors about the future of Helio, our favorite MVNO, but this one’s got some interesting aspects to it. The buzz is that Virgin Mobile is looking to pick up Helio and m

UPDATED: MVN-whoa! Virgin Mobile might lay off 300 people

[Please see the update at the end of this post.] According to VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall, the US division of Virgin Mobile is considering the layoffs in the face of poor stock performance. Thos

Video: Eco123 demonstrates weird MVNO service
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