• The MSI Trident 3 Arctic packs crazy gaming power into a tiny case

    The MSI Trident 3 Arctic packs crazy gaming power into a tiny case

    Here’s the skinny: This computer is skinny. The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is a gaming rig in a surprisingly small package. During testing the found the computer capable of running the latest VR hardware and games even though the tiny computer lacks the traditional cooling found on standard cases. The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is a gaming console killer. Specs: Windows Home 10 Intel Core… Read More

  • MSI’s VR backpack was built for the HTC Vive

    MSI’s VR backpack was built for the HTC Vive

    The whole VR backpack bit made the shift from one-off oddity to small scale (if still decidedly odd) movement a few months back, as a handful of notables piled onto the heap. HP and MSI were the first big names in the door and Alienware followed suit (or backpack, rather) a few months later as it showed of its own take on the burgeoning movement at E3 – in prototype form, at least. At… Read More

  • HP and MSI hope to convince you to carry a VR rig on your back like a Ghostbuster

    HP and MSI hope to convince you to carry a VR rig on your back like a Ghostbuster

    A number of companies seem to have a firm grasp on the headset bit, and while the controller aspect is certainly in flux, we’ve seen a handful of compelling solutions on that front. But what about the PC part? Sure, plenty of computer makers have created powerful, compliant systems ready for the upcoming VR boom, but for a technology designed to offer some semblance of digital freedom… Read More

  • MSI WindPad Enjoy Sneaks Out Thanks To The FCC

    MSI WindPad Enjoy Sneaks Out Thanks To The FCC

    What does MSI’s new WindPad want you to do? Enjoy (but only a little) that’s what! That’s why their latest 10-inch Android device, the Enjoy, looks so underpowered. The device has just appeared on the FCC website and is running a 1GHZ ARM Cortex-A8 processer and, get this, Android 2.3. Feh. Read More

  • MSI Windpad Honeycomb Super Tab Videoed

    The Inquirer has some handsome hands-on video of the MSI Windpad, a Honeycomb device with 10-inch screen and 1080p video support. I couldn’t embed their video – they haven’t uploaded it to YouTube and I didn’t want to do it for them in case they got angry or skeered (another demo video from CeBIT appears above) but you can check it out here. Considering this is… Read More

  • MSI Tablet Concept Has… A Rotating Projector On It

    This is probably one of the more baffling concepts I’ve seen. It’s a 10-inch tablet with a projector mounted as a sort of rotating hat. There are two obvious applications: projecting an image on the wall behind the tablet (putting the image on a table results, as you can see, in a distorted image) and projecting a virtual keyboard. Of course, it can’t actually do the… Read More

  • The MSI Windpad 100W 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet Gets A Video Hands-On, Fails To Impress

    So the MSI U100W WinPad runs an Atom Silverthorne Z530 CPU with a 32GB SSD on a 10-inch display. Then there’s two USB ports, SIM card slot, HDMI out and a front-facing camera. Sounds solid, right? No, not with Windows as the operating system of choice. NetbookNews grabbed some hands-on time with the Windows tablet at a pre-CES event in Taipei so click through for some visual prove about… Read More

  • MSI Outs Thin But Powerful Notebooks With The P600 And S6000

    MSI’s back with a pair of new notebooks that combine the power of Intel Core i5 CPUs with good portability. These notebooks rock a Core i5-450M CPU along with Intel GMA HD GPU chipset. The rest is pretty standard with 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, HDMI out, webcam and an assortment of ports. The P600 comes with an 8-cell battery and costs $829 where the S600 instead has a 4-cell but rings… Read More

  • All-in-one computer sales up 63 percent (but Apple losing out)

    Seems people really like those all-in-one PCs à la the iMac. Sales this year are expected to grow some 63 percent from last year, to 11.5 million units worldwide. And while that’s good news for computer makers overall, there are winners and losers in the data. The big surprising loser? Yup, Apple. Read More

  • MSI announces new GE600 gaming notebook

    MSI just announced their latest, the GE600 gaming notebook, is now available for purchase. Built around an Intel Core i5 processor and the ATI Radeon HD5730 GPU, the GE600 is billed at MSI’s lightest gaming notebook yet at 5.9 lbs, and this latest addition to their stable is also DirectX11 capable. Read More

  • MSI's newest GX640 gaming notebook is fast, affordable

    MSI announced the latest in their stable today, the GX640. Built around the Intel Core i5 processor and ATI Radeon HD5850, it’s definitely a contender in the gaming notebook arena. In fact, it’s been selected as the notebook of choice by the number one pro-gaming team in North America. Read More

  • MSI Wind12 U230 finally available

    We told you back in November that MSI had a new notebook coming, and now they are finally here: MSI’s new Wind12 U230 machines are now available for purchase online, and they look tasty. Read More

  • MSI X360: Intel Core i5, three pounds, less than an inch thick

    MSI has added another skinny notebook to its X-Slim series with the announcement of the 13-inch X360 model. This one makes use of an Intel Core i5 ultra low voltage CPU clocked at 1.06GHz alongside Intel’s HM55 graphics chipset. Read More

  • MSI rolls-out four mundane but still competent C Series notebooks

    Just last week MSI announced Core i5 and i3 additions to its Classic Series. Today, the company announced four more affordable additions to that line with one packing a Core i5, two with Core i3s and one with just a lowly Dual-Core Pentium. Read More

  • The new MSi Classic Series CX520 and CR620 notebooks rock Core i5 or i3 CPUs

    Intel’s Core i5 and i3 CPUs have found a new home in MSi’s latest notebook offerings. The CX520 and CR20 Classic Series combine otherwise standard specs and a 15.6-inch 16:9 screen with the powerful cores. Both seem like solid rigs although you’ll likely pass over them in favor of something a bit more flashy. Read More

  • MSI has a $499, 10-inch tablet coming soon, too

    Open the floodgates, Jimin! We’ve got a rush of tablets coming from all directions. Too bad most of the internet will call them iPad clones even though they were clearly in the works for some time, eh? Just like this $500 MSI 10-inch tablet. Read More

  • MSI Wind series netbooks go multi-platinum. So here's another one.

    MSI has sold millions of their Wind series of netbooks. Let’s all give them a round of applause shall we? But what does this mean for you guys? Good things, as luck would have it. Instead of some useless, commemorative award, they roll out the U135 model. And unlike most “Yay us!” products, this one actually has some worthwhile upgrades under the hood. Read More

  • MSI's two-screen wonder looks a lot like that extinct OLPC 2.0

    Remember that OLPC design that had two touchscreens joined at the hip, kind of like we saw with the Courier later? Yeah, it got canned, but the basic design seems to have lived on in this MSI concept. Read More

  • MSI gets into the video streaming game with the Movie Station HD1000

    There isn’t a lack of network video streamers these days. MSI is the latest to out what is probably a quality little AV appliance. I mean, it’s somewhat difficult to mess these things up. Really the only way is to not natively support .AVI or .MKV files. Right, Moxi? Read More

  • New X-Slim X600 Pro from MSI looks slick

    While I wouldn’t say, as MSI does, that this laptop is “Shattering the Boundaries of Ultra-thin Technology,” it does look like a hot little item. It’s got a 15.6″ screen but is only an inch thick, which is a pretty good ratio. Its shiny black finish (scratch-proof but somehow I don’t think fingerprint-proof) will attract eyes wherever you go, and the… Read More

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