MSI has a $499, 10-inch tablet coming soon, too

Open the floodgates, Jimin! We’ve got a rush of tablets coming from all directions. Too bad most of the internet will call them iPad clones even though they were clearly in the works for some time, eh? Just like this $500 MSI 10-inch tablet.

DigiTimes is reporting that the NVIDIA Tegra chipset will be at the core of the tablet. MSI must have been paying attention to our cries because the only pic we can find shows that the tablet runs Android and not Windows.

Not much else is known at this point besides it will have “wireless support.” Does that mean 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth? We don’t know, but even if it has 3G, chances are the iPad’s sweet data plan won’t be available on it. Maybe T-Mobile will help out, though…