On-demand moving app Lugg hits Silicon Valley

Lugg, the startup that helps people with small moves, requested via an Uber-like mobile app, is this week expanding its reach into additional markets. While originally available in the San Francisco

Buddytruk Is A Sharing Service Like Lyft For Moving

With sharing services like Uber and Lyft becoming more and more popular, it's no surprise to see these ideas branch out into different services such as moving.

MoveInsure Aims To Be Esurance For The Moving Industry

Believe it or not, <a href="">37 million Americans</a>, or about 16 million households, pick up and move every year. Depending on whom you

I moved

Hey, all. Just a quick note to say that I moved and that if you are a PR person or person of interest or an non-enemy combatant please drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com if you need my new a