• Move and National Association of Realtors Sue Zillow After It Poached Former President Of

    Move and National Association of Realtors Sue Zillow After It Poached Former President Of

    Move, the company behind real estate sites like and, and the National Association of Realtors today filed a lawsuit against Zillow and its recently hired chief industry development officer Errol Samuelson. Move is suing over “breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of trade secrets among other action.” Read More

  • Move Buys Interactive Profile Creation Tool SocialBios

    Move Buys Interactive Profile Creation Tool SocialBios

    Online real estate company Move this morning announced that it has acquired SocialBios, which is described as a social search startup although its offering reminds me more of services offered by the likes of Follr, and SocialBios basically allows both individuals and companies to create a single social hub for their online profiles through interactive ‘About… Read More

  • Phaser Attachment For Playstation Move: It Doesn't Get Much Nerdier

    There’s really not much to add, here. The game they showed was “pre-alpha” so don’t expect this thing for like a year. Or rather, expect it breathlessly. But really, whether the game’s good or bad, you’re going to want to buy this to go along with it. Read More

  • Sony Sells 8 Million Moves, 50 Million PS3s Worldwide

    Things are going great for Sony. It settled that icky business with GeoHot, and now it’s flying high on the sales of its PS3 and accessories. The Move, which came out last September, has now sold 8 million units as of April 3. Compare this to Microsoft’s Kinect, which sold a cool 10 million units as of early March. Read More

  • Hacker Gets Kinect Working On – Wait For It – The Playstation 3

    This is really more of a “just ‘cuz” Kinect hack than one of those practical ones we see occasionally. Yes, hacker Shantanu Goel has rigged up his Kinect to work with its greatest enemy, the PS3. Where is your Move now?! Read More

  • Interview With Sony's Head Of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks

    Gamasutra had a good interview with Sony’s head of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks — it’s well worth the read. They talk about how he got his start in high school at a game shop his pop owned playing loads of old school games. He then moved on to study aerospace engineering in college where he found his love for robotics. Something he says is very similar to video gaming. Read More

  • Kinect Continues To Outsell The Move By Huge Margins

    If I had to pick between the Move and the Kinect, I personally would choose the Move, but there’s no denying that the Kinect is just plain interesting — and novel. While the Move is essentially a really excellent Wii clone, the Kinect is a genuinely new experience, and that’s translated to sales big enough to earn it a Guiness World Record. So I guess it beating the… Read More

  • Move.Me: Sony's Non-Commercial Move Development Platform

    Sony has announced the development of Move.Me, which, if you were with us a few days ago for a certain Microsoft announcement, may sound familiar. It lets folks develop Move applications for noncommercial use: academia and research and the like. It’ll be available some time this spring. Read More

  • Echochrome II Hits PSN On December 21st

    Just a quick PSA, since this was one of the Playstation Move games that impressed me at E3. Like the original Echochrome, which bent your mind as you changed the perspective, this one makes you really think differently about how the game world works. You use the Move controller as a “flashlight,” casting a shadow for your guy to walk on and interact with. It’s quite cool… Read More