Sonos’ Move portable speaker gets a sequel

Yesterday marked four years since Sonos unveiled its long-awaited portable, Move. The $399 speaker got mostly good marks as the company’s first swipe at the category. There were, of course, some cri

Sonos gets portable

This is the Sonos that many have no doubt been waiting for. With the Move, the premium audio company is finally getting into the portable Bluetooth speaker market — but is doing so in a way that is

Move and National Association of Realtors Sue Zillow After It Poached Former President Of

Move, the company behind real estate sites like and, and the National Association of Realtors today filed a lawsuit against Zillow and its recently hired chief industry developm

Move Buys Interactive Profile Creation Tool SocialBios

Online real estate company <a href="">Move</a> this morning announced that it has <a href="

Phaser Attachment For Playstation Move: It Doesn't Get Much Nerdier

There’s really not much to add, here. The game they showed was “pre-alpha” so don’t expect this thing for like a year. Or rather, expect it breathlessly. But really, whether th

Sony Sells 8 Million Moves, 50 Million PS3s Worldwide

<img src="" />Things are going <i>great</i> for Sony. It settled that icky business with <a HREF="

Hacker Gets Kinect Working On – Wait For It – The Playstation 3

<img src="" />This is really more of a "just 'cuz" <a href="">Kinect</a> hack than one of those <a href

Interview With Sony's Head Of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks

<img src="" />Gamasutra had a good interview with Sony's head of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks -- it's well worth the read. They talk

Kinect Continues To Outsell The Move By Huge Margins

<img src="" />If I had to pick between the <a href="">Move </a>and the <a href="http:/

Move.Me: Sony's Non-Commercial Move Development Platform

<img src="" />Sony has announced the development of <a HREF="

Echochrome II Hits PSN On December 21st

Just a quick PSA, since this was one of the Playstation Move games that impressed me at E3. Like the original Echochrome, which bent your mind as you changed the perspective, this one makes you really

GameStop: We're Seeing Wii-like Levels Of Demand For Kinect

<img src="" /> <a HREF="">Kinect</a> hasn't even been out for more than a few days now, but word i

Move Acquires Online Real Estate Listing Syndicator ListHub For $13 Million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Online real estate company <a href="">Move</a> has acquired Threewide, op

iFixIt Tears Down the Playstation Move

Those scamps at iFixIt have torn down the PS3 Move and discovered that it’s basically as complex as a cellphone but without the radio chip. Obviously this is just a controller – no surpris

Buy The Playstation Move From The Usual Suspects Right Now

There’s no need to wait until September 19th to order your Playstation Move. Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon have ’em in stock and are shipping them right now. Yep, you can order both the

Microsoft Expects To Sell Over 3 Million Kinects This Year

<img src="" /> Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment head said in a meeting with <a href="

Sony's Move Men Are Kind of Jerks

<img src="">So you're chilling at your friends house who has a kid and you and all your buds have turned on some LCD Soundsystem and are not

Sony: The Move Will Be Like The EyeToy: Not An Instant Hit, But Slowly & Steadily Succesful

<img src="" />“Am I expecting a massive day one [for <a HREF="">the Move</a>]? Not particular

Microsoft says Xbox is far cheaper for motion gaming but are they right?

<img src=""><a href="">Microsoft</a> has come up with its own internal version of a

The Playstation Move Japanese Promo video doesn't need translating

<img src="">Yeah, the video is in Japanese, but you'll probably be able to follow along without a problem. The first half shows
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