Move.Me: Sony's Non-Commercial Move Development Platform

Sony has announced the development of Move.Me, which, if you were with us a few days ago for a certain Microsoft announcement, may sound familiar. It lets folks develop Move applications for noncommercial use: academia and research and the like. It’ll be available in some time this spring.

Sony made the big reveal at the Game Developers Conference, which has quickly gained the reputation of being just as newsworthy a show as E3. (There also seems to be much less nonsense surrounding GDC, so maybe we ought to attend next year.)

Sony says the development of Move.Me represents a chance for “PlayStation to inspire new, revolutionary applications in other fields beyond gaming.” Just like how IBM has Watson‘s sights set on helping out the healthcare industry (I love how healthcare is treated an industry, like it’s a giant widget factory), Sony wants to expand the raw power of the PS3 and Move into fields where it can actually be helpful and not simply a happy diversion.

To use Move.Me you’ll need a PS3, Move + Camera, and PC. The Move.Me software sits on the PS3, then sends the Move data over to the PC.